Friday, 29 May 2009

An Awkward Predicament

Before the end of the AI season, I was dreading the disappearance of Adam regularly gracing our TV screens and was hungry for anything I could get.  The floodgates have since been opened and there's been a barrage of photos, interviews, articles and TV appearances to pore over, whereas during AI, he was shielded from the press and his appearances were controlled and in manageable chunks.  It's been so much more exhausting to follow than before, especially as I'm also trying to catch up on life in general.  We've been spoilt so far, but when the interview circuit comes to an end and news dries up, I'll become increasingly reliant on fans posting concert videos and - gasp - hounding by the evil paparazzi to feed my obsession.  I'm hoping that Adam could stifle that demand somewhat, by communicating with us regularly and directly via his website.  A vlog/blog would be ideal.

Will our collective thirst and fixation fuel a source of misery or worse, even danger?  This is the predicament, although part of me wants to live in denial and wash my hands of all responsibility, believing it should rest entirely within the conscience of the paparazzi.  Who am I kidding?  It's my demand that drives them.  OK, so Adam can more than hold his own and has been very accommodating in his encounters with TMZ, maybe even revelling in baiting them.  In all his interviews, he's been lightning fast on his feet, navigating all the difficult questions with flair and he has an intuitive knack of being able to instantly flip the dynamic in an instant.  Celebrities and the paparazzi have a symbiotic relationship, needing each other, and from Pop Goes the Camera, Adam knows what to expect.  But there was one incident last week that was just disturbing and involved a video showing some paps pursuing Adam's car, which I won't link to for obvious reasons.  His driver was doing his best to shake them off, with manoeuvres that could qualify as dangerous driving offences, but was unsuccessful.  Part of me likes to believe that Adam enjoyed playing with them, excitedly laughing his ass off, getting his driver to lure the paps on a wild goose chase just for fun.  But another part is horrified too.  Have we all forgotten about Diana?  I do not want Adam joining the 27 Club.  Yes I have an insatiable desire for all things Adam, but is it really worth all that for the possibility of a couple more photographs?


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