Sunday, 10 May 2009

Test: How Big an Adam Fan Are You?

After the information onslaught of Adam's homecoming, here's a bit of light-hearted fun to keep up the good spirits while we wait for Tuesday to arrive.  Feel free to leave a comment about your test results.  There are fifteen questions in total.

1. What did you think of Adam's decision to choose a group in the results show?
He was arrogant for believing himself to be in the top group
He should have refused to choose
I felt so sorry for him, I just wanted to give him hug and murder the producers
It was a no-win situation but I think he made a good decision

2. What did you think of Adam's glory note on Feeling Good?
I thought it was impressive, but just a little bit too long
It was just unnecessary showboating and didn't sound that good
Incredible!  I almost fainted I held my breath for so long!
I had to change the channel

3. How many of Adam's songs and videos have you bought from iTunes?
I've got everything on repeat, I can't stop watching the iTunes videos for their better angles
I haven't listened to nor do I intend to buy any
I haven't bought any yet but I've listened to them online
I've bought some of the songs although there are some I'm not so keen on

4. Which of these most accurately reflects how you feel about Adam's performances?
Good or bad, Adam's performances are always interesting
I look forward to the show just to see what Adam does next
I wish for the weekends to hurry up and go quickly.  Is it Tuesday yet?  Is it Tuesday yet?
I can't stand watching Adam, his screeching and his theatrics, they're way too OTT

5. What do you think of Adam's dancing ability?
He's got some great moves there
He makes me cringe - I much prefer Danny's moves
He's had plenty of stage training so there's no excuse for him not to be good
Adamazing!  He's got rhythm, moves fluidly and could easily be a professional dancer

6. What do you think when you see this picture?
He looks so beautiful, I wish he'd do my makeup
Eeeew! (Averts eyes)
I feel very uncomfortable because strangely, it turns me on
It's so HOT!  I wish he'd pucker up and plant one on me instead!

7. Have you seen any videos of Adam's pre-Idol performances?
I have a virtual PhD on the subject matter after having spent days studying each one in detail
I've been told about them but haven't seen them yet
I have no desire to hear any of his screeching or see his camp theatrics
I've seen some of the YouTube ones and I'm pretty impressed

8. What did you think of Ring Of Fire?
I wasn't sure at first, but after seeing it again, I think it's great
Hated it.  He butchered a classic song and the visuals were repulsive
I can respect the risk he took, but I just didn't like it
Loved it!  A pivotal TV moment.  He set the show alight and those vocals were amazing

9. Which look of Adam's would you like to see next?
Zodiac show Glambert
I've had enough of him already.  Get him off the show!
I don't care, he looks the part in all his different guises.  Just give me more Adam!
Smart suited / Natural Adam

10. Why you think Adam chose not to take part in the food fight?
He's too much of of a wuss
He didn't want to mess up his hair, makeup and clothes
Out of respect for the starving and the poor cleaners by refusing to act like a spoilt brat
He spent effort making the cake so didn't want to see it going to waste

11. Which statement best describes how you vote?
I've thrown in a few votes for Adam most weeks
I haven't voted
I've only voted for the other contestants
I suffer from RSI after pressing buttons for two whole hours every week power voting for Adam

12. What do you think about the comparisons to greats such as Freddie Mercury and Elvis?
It's early days still, so we'll have to see what he does after the show finishes
He's channelling them like he's their reincarnation!
He hasn't even started yet.  He has the potential to surpass them all!
It's sacrilegious you could even mention him in the same sentence as those greats!

13. What did you think of Adam singing about sex with a woman in Whole Lotta Love?
He gave a great performance staying true to the song, and was very convincing
It took balls!  He was on fire and I'd gladly become whatever gender necessary to be his sex slave!
It was a bit like watching drag with him trying to sing like a woman - terribly camp and phony
It seemed a bit disingenuous to me.  It would've been hilarious if he'd sung 'man' instead.

14. What do you think of Adam as an artist?
By using others' arrangements, he's shown no originality and I don't like where he's going with his music
He's very talented and he's able to put his own stamp on each song he does
I like some of his AI interpretations but they're hardly artistry.  I'll have to see what he does post-AI
He's so innovative having given us groundbreaking performances.  He has the ability to change the face of music

15. How do you feel about Adam winning American Idol?
He deserves to win more than anyone else and I really want him to win because he wants it
I don't think it matters because he's famous now anyway
I'd prefer him not to win because he won't be free to experiment with his far-out stuff
I hate the fact that he's managed to make it this far and has edged out worthier contestants

How did you score?

Under 50
Oh dear.  You seem to have stumbled into the wrong place.  You are an Adam basher.  You can't understand what all the fuss is about and are sick of hearing about Adam.  You can't stand the timbre of Adam's voice and think he screeches all the time just to show off.  You hate the way he struts about on stage, you hate his make-up and the clothes he wears, and you think he's just too much of a misfit.  You don't think he should be a role model because you'd hate for your kids to look up to him or end up looking like him.  You think he's an attention-seeking exhibitionist, which makes you nauseous.  You think he's a fake and everything about him, especially the niceness, is all just an act.  You hate the fact that he's been pimped from the start with the judges drooling all over him, and it's unfair that the only time he's had the death spot is also when he's had the pimp spot.  You are glad that he finally faced a bit of a backlash by ending up in the bottom two.  Your opinion of him won't be swayed because you've made up your mind to be a Danny fan.
Or you're just in complete DENIAL and don't know it yet!

Between 50 and 120
You're a Glam rookie.  The chances are you're fairly new to the Adam Lambert Phenomenon.  You've been recommended some of the performances by friends and decided to tune in more to see what all the fuss is about.  You're a bit of a cynic and don't usually bother watching American Idol for all the commercial crap that keeps getting regurgitated out of it.  You want to resist liking anything from AI out of principle.  You probably don't like the sound of his high belts which you think is just unpleasant screeching, and are more likey to go for his fresh takes on the slow and emotional numbers.  Although you don't like everything he does and think he's a bit of a poser, you still find him entertaining and will probably finish watching the rest of the season.  You're sceptical about him living up to all the hype and feel he's a bit overrated but you're still ambivalent as the jury hasn't returned.  The Glambert spell has yet to take hold.  Try Googling the man, open Pandora's box and you'll be sucked in.  Just you wait!

Between 120 and 175
You're a proto-obsessive, exhibiting mild signs of Lambertolism with plenty of Glam potential.  You've been following Adam Lambert through American Idol.   You rate his performances, especially Ring of Fire and Mad World, and are impressed by the talent and gall of this man.  You hope he doesn't sell out because you love the fact that he's somewhat subversive.  You want to see more of his crazily out-there performances.  You think he deserves to win because he's the most talented and entertaining contestant on AI and you would probably buy his music and go to his concerts.  You think he'd be fun to hang out with.  You've talked about him with friends but are a bit scared of some of the rabid screaming fans you've heard about and don't want to end up like them.  You're compelled to watch Adam on AI but will feel relieved when the season finishes.  You see yourself as being quite level-headed in your appreciation of this artist but don't quite realise how close you are to teetering on the edge of the platform and stepping onto the Glambert Express.  Don't bother resisting any more!  Just indulge and embrace the Glam!

175 and over
You're a diehard Lambosessed Adamaniac!  Normally it's time to call the people in white coats and put you in a straight-jacket because you're in crazed stalker territory.  You are firmly seated on the Glambert Express and have joined the huge congregation at the Temple of Glam.  Your heart leaps at the mere mention of his name and he dominates all your free time.  You've joined many online forums just so you can gush about him.  You suffer severe withdrawal symptoms after every Wednesday night so you check regularly for new Adam-related news/photos/videos and may have set up a Google alert.  Your bookmarks are bursting at the seams with Adam-related websites.  You've even cyberstalked his friends and family you're so envious of them.  You know each mentor session, performance, confessional and comment off by heart.  You notice every detail of his actions. You get excited and your heart palpitates each time he or smiles or scratches behind his ear, with every movement, even swearing, being regarded as 'adorable'.  You are fiercely protective of him and would love to be his best friend, dressing up and going to parties together.  You attribute gallant motives to everything he does and think he's the most humble, thoughtful, articulate and intelligent person ever.  He could mutilate and dismember a kitten in front of a child and in your insanely sick warped mind, you'd justify it because the child needed to be taught a harsh lesson and the kitten was somehow guilty of crimes against humanity.  Plus he'd look cute doing it.  You are consumed by your disturbing obsession.  Welcome!  You are in good company.

Disclaimer: This blogger accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this skanky test, which is based entirely on scientific bullshit and conceived out of insanity.


  1. 185! Well done, this was fun! I really enjoy your site and appreciate the effort that you put into it.

  2. I got a 205- there is clearly no hope for me!!

  3. 195 and proud. Could have gone higher if I owned and iPod! Thank you for you blog - always intelligent, thoughtful and loving.

  4. 215!!

    I really do love Adam's performances and his personality. He deserves it.

  5. 220..aha. Too true.

  6. Ayup! Dedicated Glambert fan! Carry my PHD in my back pocket. :) Great test, by the way. I had to laugh at myself for taking it - but it isn't Tuesday yet, and I'm jonesing for some Adam related trivia!

  7. Well , I just took your test . 175 , for someone who grew up listening to Bowie . Queen , U2 etc. Also a big fan of American Idol {have not missed an episode in 8 seasons} Adam is the first one I would pay money to see in concert and buy his records . I think that after 8 years they actually have found a Superstar who could hold his own with the all time greats . Every mentor except for the country guy loved him and recognised that he is the real deal. I have never googled a AI performer and I am so glad I did . His upright cabaret performances are stunning. thank you for your blog, the quiz made me chuckle . I will be voting my fingers off on Tuesday . Bowie and Adam singing Under Pressure for the Finale PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm asking nicely.

  8. They had me to a tee...

  9. hahah 180! I didn't realise I was Glambert potential XD haha I have my seat firmly on the Glambert Express oooh love it! Love the explanation to go with the score, it's scarily accurate XD :-P x

  10. 180--and yep, that description is just about dead-on for me!

  11. 210 and I will wear it like a badge!!! No apologies here!!! GO ADAM.. and great test!

  12. Yup...215 on your test...that's me withdrawing on Wed. after the show and looking for new info. online til Tuesday night. I believe he's Ultra talented and he'll have a truly devoted legion of fans of which I'll be one. Very sweet personality and beautiful voice and good looking...Love the Attention you deserve it!!

  13. 180.... Description......THATS ME

  14. wow a 220. I didn't realize I was a stalker. I really need to get a life(after Idol is over of course).

  15. 120 :) level-headed but teetering on the edge. LOL.

  16. Dang! My score was 210! It probably would have been a bit higher but got stumped on the cake question. LOL! Well this about sums it up! I am a diehard Adamaniac! I carry my IPOD everywhere with all of his songs on it! Do you think I might get tired of it anytime soon? NOT! My Mom warned me about being a groupie! Lmao! :D

  17. I got a 220. I can't get enough. I haven't listened to any other music for weeks! Adam is the only one who deserves to win!!!

  18. 220 adam rocks n he's surely gonna win , he deserves to win :)
    lova yah adam <3 x <3 o <3 x <3 o <3 x <3

  19. 225-- wow this is embarassing & uncomfortable- 51, college educated mom of 4-co-workers have asked if I have put aside bail money for when I go to the Idol concert. Oh well, can't help it- he is tooo awesome for words....

  20. 220--So glad I found this Web site! Love your writing and your wonderful insights into Adam! What a relief to have found you! When will I find time to read every post? No where else have I found someone else who spends as much brainpower pondering, analyzing, applauding, loving, and being inspired by Adam's every move as I do!

  21. Cara Krzyzanowski16 May 2009 at 02:04

    WOW!!! 200!!! I love Adam!

  22. my score is 225 ;) ... well I am diehard fan of ADAM since the audition and word LOVE is not enough to describe my feelings 4 him ... ADAM LAMBERT U ROCKED MY LIFE ;)

  23. My score was 170~ :(

    I would love to vote for him and buy his itunes!!!
    But sadly I dont live in the US!!! So that sucks big time!

  24. 220! Couldn't be more true, I might need therapy soon! God help me when AI is over, I'll be like a drug crazed junkie scouring the web for scraps, glimpses, anything!!!

  25. 180 - Would have scored higher if not for the fact i am unable to vote or buy the itunes : )

  26. My life will be so boring without having Adam to watch

  27. 215 - it's nice to see that a few of you scored higher than me and that I am not the only adamaddict. I also carry my itunes everywhere and cannot get enough. I even sent him a letter today with my picture. What a gift we get to enjoy. Just wish I could hang with out with him too!

  28. Some of the questions were a bit weird... I got just 160, not so much, but I know better :)
    And I do want to see more of his crazily out-there performances!
    Good luck, Adam!

  29. Penney 195 This is a great site. Thank you. It makes me feel better to know that others feel like I do. I need help because I truly am obsessed with ADAM. I rewatch every performance every day. I can't get enough of him. Everything you said about the test results is true. I know every look, every word, every move. Now I know what it was like when Elvis hit the scene. There is noone like Adam.

  30. 210 and proud of my score

  31. 210 obsessed beyond words. My therapist is actually getting worried about me!

  32. I´ll join the crowd: 210 - and totally adamgasmic.

  33. Yay, I'm another 210! We should start our own Adamobsessive support group! I gave in to my obsession quite awhile ago and have been enjoying this site a lot. Now we are in the post-Idol phase and still so much ADAM to see and enjoy. Thanks!

  34. 205 baby but i already new it:)

  35. 200...Need Help!

  36. 205...what can I tell ya. :)

  37. Oh,oh, 210.. I see people pulling up in my driveway now. They have white coats on. Got to run!

  38. 210! I'm not surprised.

  39. Guilty as Charged!

  40. 225... guilty as charged. I'm beyond obsessed and enjoying every minute of it!

    PS: The kitten thing was funnee :D

  41. Your score is 210

  42. It would be awesome if we all wore badges attesting our score on this test. Lol.

  43. Now that I have an iPod, I scored 215! I don't think it is possible to be more Adam obsessed than I am but apparently a few of you are :)

  44. Wow, a 195, & I didn't even discover Adam until AFTER the competition. I don't even watch AI!

  45. I'm seriously addicted, 215 for me. Thanks for a fun quiz, there's a lot of work in this!

  46. Got a 205!!!! No help for me, but hey, who cares!!!???? I just want more Adam!!!!

  47. Wow, I got a 205...what can I say?.....I'm obsessed over Adam!!

  48. I scored 205...been Adamsessed form the first time I laid eyes and ears on him!

  49. 225, out there and loving every minute of it.

  50. I got 170. I appreciate the effort in creating this test but my score does NOT reflect what kind of Adam fan I truly am! LOL! I am TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH ADAM. The diehard Lambossesed Adamaniac IS who I truly am!

  51. 200, I already knew I had a small Adamsessed problem before the test, but now it is Love the

  52. 190 ! Oh dear, I'm GONE!

  53. 185! ahahah what was the answer to the cake question? I loved this quiz

  54. 215,OMG, I really need to get back to my own life. This test was great fun.

  55. I'm over 75 and I am completely mad about Adam. Can't get enough of him. I was a professional singer in my younger years and I know what is good. HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE best ever!!!!!!!!!!

  56. arh 145!? Oh well, so I still have potential to be more crazy with him. ok. LOL

  57. Love your commentary and analysis of all things Adam! I visit this site almost daily--thank you so much for taking the time to write in such glorious detail. You are an amazing observer!!

  58. Thanks for all your comments. It's great to know I'm in good company and I'm glad you had fun with the test!

  59. 220! That was fun....ya kinda of obsessed...Thanks for all your hard work on this site- you bring much joy to my lambskank obsession...check me out on twitter if you want to connect over Adam-especially looking for local glamberts and Lambskanks!

  60. joy glampira, I don't know your twittername!