Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Glam Nation: Auckland

I haven't managed to watch all of these videos yet and we've not quite got complete songs but we have a Fever kiss and Adam ending up on the floor during MA. This one is all about the Enter Sandman encore though. Here's my playlist:

Monte has been teasing us with those Enter Sandman riffs for a long time and we finally get to see the full version on the special occasion of Tommy's birthday with it being one of his favourite songs. Adam admits to not knowing all the lyrics and as a result, performs much of it on his knees while reading the lyrics off pieces of paper stuck to the floor, where he also gets a bit frisky. Tommy gets an additional special birthday kiss. The thing that I love most about this performance is we get to hear a different side of Adam's voice that's more in line with his old Citizen Vein material with a much harder and heavier sound. His voice has added grit, a cutting Axl Rose wail and it's effortlessly powerful. In contrast to the Metallica growl, it's also surprisingly mellifluous and bright like a beacon, carrying a seemingly impossible amount of melody.


  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS TRULY THRILLING VIDEO!!! If this is Karaoke - then Adam is the winner - what if he really practiced this song??? I love the whole-heartedness of this birthday gift for Tommy and I love Adam in his Rock God persona - he can do this as often as he likes and I'll scream and stomp -long live Rock N Roll!!!

  2. Francess40, yes, I love this video too! I think he said in an interview a long time ago that he would like to sing Enter Sandman as a cover so I think he had practiced at least a little. The way that Monte kept doing those guitar riffs at so many concerts, I was wondering how long it would be before we saw this.