Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Glam Nation: Kuala Lumpur

I've gotten just a little bit behind, having been deprived of internet access the last few days. There were protests against Adam in Malaysia so he decided to tone things down just a touch out of respect to the local audience. It's still a fantastic show in front of a huge crowd. Instead of kissing Tommy, he blows a kiss to the audience. There are minor adjustments to Adam and the dancers' moves and he slides onto his knees during SFW. He refrains from making lewd use of his cane during Strut and Tommy also refrains from basswanking after an extended solo. Watch out for the hilarious foot-grabbing Brooke dance. The set ends with a double encore of MW and TCB. I'm not sure Isaac's quite on the same wavelength as Adam yet as during TCB Adam seems to be a little distracted with getting Isaac's attention and spends too much of the time with his back to the crowd. As a result, I'm not really feeling this one, it seems to be lacking in the wild energy we usually get. Here's my playlist:


  1. Hi AB, thanks for getting this up. I was there for this concert and it was so great just to be in his presence and hear him sing. He's exactly how I'd thought he'd be.

    The government actually had authorities in the audience watching him to make sure he complied with their conditions!! They also barricaded the stage from the audience by about 15 ft and told Adam he wasn't allowed within 25ft of the people. And he wasn't allowed to take his clothes off!! Unbelievable. I felt sad for him that he couldn't perform to his potential. So what we're feeling from these videos is OPPRESSION.

    However, during the performance he was gracious, fun and a little cheeky. I remember him smiling and he still made it a great show. He still sang FYE and Fever and if the authorities knew what those songs were about, they would have had him omit them, I'm sure. The government's not that bright if you get what I mean.

    Although it wasn't the sexy Adam we're used to, his fans here were grateful he didn't cancel outright as some others have done. Later, I was a bit sad for Adam though, because afterwards he said that he just stayed in his hotel room, instead of going out to sample what Malaysia is really like.

    I'm an Aussie living here so will endeavour to catch him in Melbourne during his next tour there so I can sample the REAL Adam.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. yea adam was so good. so many losers are so jealous of him. he has great vocals and the authorities cant make us unlove him. long live the real KING!!!!!

  3. jo_blue, thank you for your extra insights! I hadn't realised they were that strict with performers in Malaysia in sending out the raunch police. I thought that performers were entrusted to keep their clothes on and not get too down and dirty and that was it. I got the impression that Malaysians were quite relaxed about these things and it was just the government wanting to appear hardline, throwing their weight about. It's a shame for everyone who wanted Wild Adam but I guess he has to adhere to local rules. Hope you do get to see that Adam sometime soon!

    Anonymous, what was the crowd like? Were they crazy for him?

  4. hey there.
    i was skimming through your GNT spreadsheet and really interested to see vids from KL GNT (tho i watched it zillion times)and clicked on this entry. i went to 4 GNTs including his concert in KL and i went for M&G session too and badly having GNT withdrawals right now. (well,who don;t? ;p)

    Somehow i have this feeling to talk a bit about his concert in KL because i think some peeps are not getting real info about this.i know it's a bit late but better than never right?

    everything said by Jo_blue is true.all the regulations and bsc rules are strictly imposed by our government on any foreign artist who comes to perform in Malaysia. because of that,you can imagine how some of Malaysian Glamberts didnt dare to put any hopes for Adam to come to our country after Kris's fans were in their happy heaven after kris visits our country right after Idol to promo his albums.We know,with his sexual preference issue (which gay is something shameful in our country and punishable in law )he wont be allowed to have a concert here.

    what u said is true,we,Malaysians are totally relax about all this thing.there is no difference at all between us and others in any aspects.but the thing is,everything in our country are ruin by our leaders,our govenrment.everything is being politicized by them.talk about serious issues like religion,ethnicity or even to the most simple thing,entertainment. (ok sorry i do not inted to write history of our country here hahahha)they will do whatever it takes to win the election.how is this relates to the regulation imposed to the foreign artist is that, our opposition party (the group who held a demostration outside the stadium during the concert) is a religion-based party and seems to closely winning majority votes due to some ridiculous issues.so our goverment had to imposed such rules to cater this party's interest so that they can win their voters back (ok we should drop this now,it's getting boring i know)

  5. so yeah,thats the reason of it.many artist cancelled their concert here because they refused to comply with the rules.for example Beyonce,Rihanna and some other artists (i forgot sorry.#mybad)so when news reported that adam will comply with these bcs rules,we really had tears in our eyes in real life.some of us really made an effort to travel to Singapore on MArch 2010 when Adam went there for his album promo fearing that he will never be able to come to our country.we even bought the expensive tixs for Singapore GRandPrix F1just to watch Adam performance. (the GNT date for KL been released quite late after SG date was confirmed so many of us went there for the same reason)

    so imagine how excited we were back then.all local radio stations played adam';s song,contest were organized here and there,tele-communication company conducted a lot of contest to win concert tixs,we saw adam's pic everyday on TV promo,radio promo,djs been calling Adam to have him on their radio etc. the hyped,OMG i can even feel it right now.Still.

    Then comes THE DAY.i went to the stadium as early as 11am because 2 of my friends were not going to m&g and wanted to line up early to get good spot in the concert.i remember DTRH was played at the time i arrived at the stadium compound.everyone was happy.everyone was glammed up.talk about jacket,leather,feathers,high heels,make up,pretty boys,pretty girls were everywhere.glitter were falling here and there.ppl started to line up already tho it was only 11am.several contest were organized outside the stadium by the organizer.They blasted adam's song non stop.Oh, some of us really cried not believing this is happening.and let me tell you, the protest group were nowhere to be seen.None of them appeared at thistime.the pictures of the protest group that surfaced the fandom back then were taken during the concert was happening inside the stadium.they were outside and only a few of them were present.it did not disturb the concert at all.

    i went to the m&g session at 5.30pm and met the man himself in person for the firt time.i carried some important msg from a few of my friends to be delivered to Adam. during the meeting,i apologized to adam because of the bsc rules and delivered the msg that all malaysian glamberts were really ashamed with our government's action because of that thing. He hugged me and said,

    "dont you feel sorry,i dont even care,nothing of the rules affects me,i just want to be here and performs for my fans.i know you guys are fantastic and beautiful."

    yes,i still remember each of his word and how huggable he was because i was hugging him 3 times thanking him for doing that for us. #memories :')

    and then the concert time.i went to SG and manila before KL.i watched livestream of GNT US,was on twitter reading the live update of the concert. so u can imagine how familiar i was with the GNT.

  6. and tell you what,the concert was really great!!!!the energy of the audience before he came out,OMG,they were like screaming his name all the time.he's a bit late that night and we started to chant his name for like 15minutes non-stop.they played some local TV promo on the big screen and Idol's promo was on it and evrytime Adam's appeared, evryone was screaming like crazy.oh that was a crazy moment and so exciting!!!

    i was in the first row on tommy's side.yeap there were barricade in front of us but i cant tell that the stage was far from us because the same thing happened in GNT SG.i was in the 4th row in SG and there were barricades been put in front of the crowd and the lenght from the stage is quite same.and the stage were quite high than the crowd and we have to some sort of looked up that night.so i dont see any issues of adam wasnt allowed to be within 25ft of the people.

    to cut it short,his concert that nite was really amazing.yeap,instead of kissing tommy,he blows kiss to us (bonus right?) tho we were speculated what will he do during fever to replace his normal routine.

    yeap,it wasnt the sexy adam we;re used to but they were still his infamous body rolls,his cheekiness during DTRH,his fierceness during FYE etc. i have to tell this,i went to 2 GNTs before this concert but the feeling during this concert is really different.watching him in my own country after all the bsc hyped all over the media,twitter,forums etc really made my hearts felt overwhelmed.

    Many of glamberts labels this concert as toned-down perfomance.i disagree to this title because to me,he didnt toning down his performance at all,it just he didnt kiss tommy as usual,that's all.The bonus from this? we really enjoyed his vocal.OMG the vocal was SUPERB.Soaked was beautiful.WWFM and broken open were really soothing.u can really hear his amazing vocals.REALLY.

    u were asking what was the crowd like. OMG we were like a bunch of crazy people shouting screaming dancing singing along non-stop that night.the whole stadium were packed with almost 14,000 people,u can barely seen any of them sat down during the performance.everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along with adam and when he asked us to jump,everyone was jumping!!!

    and the encore set.OMGGGG i was screaming my lung out when monte started the TCB cord.i was like noooooooooooo,this is not real,we dont get to hear this live.Fucking TCB,TCB people!!!!!!and 2 encores for godsake!!!!hahaha i know im excited now.pardon me. ;p

    so yeah,the whole set was finished and thats the most sweetest memory for me and i believe for all MAlaysian Glamberts that night.some of us still chanting Adam's name eventhough he's already went backstage.some of us sat down in a circle outside the stadium blasting adam;s song through their iphone.some of us holding hands and sing adam;s song while walking to the car.some of us even screamed OMG THIS IS NOT REAL very loud hahahhaha ;p

    o gosh i write soo long but this is the real situation that night.i went to Melbourne GNT.i enjoyed the performance as usual.it seems new and exciting to me tho i watched it for the 4th time but one thing i want to say is,the crowd was not exciting as GNT KL's.Some of the peeps sat down during IIHY and a few song and i was like,really girls??

    (but that doesnt matter to me because as long as i enjoy adam,nothing else matters.i can go beserk and crazy when it comes to adam..)

    i guess i have to stop.i prove nothing through this long entry but i want those ppl hear it from the insights.

    to me,his KL GNT was really superb and amazing similar with any others GNTs.

    with that,i rest my case :)))

    p/s : sorry for taking this long space of your entry bb :) i love all your vids!!thank you so much!>3333333

  7. peacocklover, Thank you so much for your detailed review! We all really appreciate your first-hand account. Your comments are very informative though I don't quite understand how the government became so detached from the views of ordinary people. It seems you are unnecessarily being denied simple pleasures.
    I'm very happy you got to see him in concert and meet (HUG!) him and your exchange of words was touching. Around how many people would you guess were there just for Adam at the GP?
    I've now watched the KL concert videos many times and think Adam had to be mindful of what he was doing all the time. I imagine it to be quite a distraction, especially as I think his greatest moments as a performer are when he is completely uninhibited, just feeling his way through. I don't think he lost all his inhibitions here and had to consciously stop himself from performing some of his moves.
    Watching videos is very different to being there though and the electric atmosphere you described sounds truly amazing. I think what made it special is there were so many excited people finally getting to see Adam for the first time. I believe when there are obstacles to overcome, or if you have been hoping but haven't dared to expect such a treat then you appreciate the experience so much more.
    Glad the experience was so much more and so much better than what I could see from the videos. Thanks again for taking the time to write it all down!

  8. Hi AB, I've come back to relive the best night of my life. I love peacocklover's review but I disagree about the 'toning down'. I've watched many concerts, and it was toned down. There's very little hip-thrusting and the sexual innuendos were very subtle if at all. In hindsight, even his dancing looks a little stiff.

    I felt sad for Adam because later he said that in Malaysia he just stayed in at his hotel, so he missed getting to know the good parts of Malaysia - the food and the great atmosphere at night.

    I really admired Adam for performing here, with the restrictions that were placed on him. He gave a great show and was very respectful and diplomatic, as he always is. BUT, he still sang FYE (the fucking song) and FEVER with all the correct lyrics, so he didn't compromise on that. The crowd loved it. They were very vocal and the energy was fantastic. And there was even an undercurrent of rebelliousness against those that rule!

    Best night of my life.

  9. jo_blue, glad you decided to come back here to relive it! I agree it's a shame that Adam couldn't manage to find out for himself what Malaysia is really like. I can't imagine going abroad and only seeing my hotel and workplace. Yay for rebelliousness! It seems to have united the crowd and created that fantastic energy you describe.