Monday, 4 October 2010

Glam Nation: Osaka

This second Japan concert will be remembered as the one where one of the concert-goers (@yammyyammy) saw Adam's 'peach' through ripped trousers. Now before you die of excitement, let me explain that 'thigh' and 'peach' in Japanese are homophones, and a simple input error caused this amusing mix-up. Adam's rear wasn't on display. Here's my selection thanks to our dear video ninjas:

This opens again with a medley that includes FYE. Monte's blazing guitar solos during Sleepwalker just seem to get better. Adam tells us he's hot at the start of WWFM and asks the crowd for fan. Again I'm impressed by the Japanese fans and their ability to scream considerately so that we can all appreciate and feel Adam's voice. During the silence at the end of Soaked, you can actually hear him breathing and it can't fail to give you goosebumps. This set includes a heartbreakingly beautiful acoustic Broken Open. Aftermath has the audience clapping to the rhythm of the song and serves an additional instrument of percussion. He can be seen fanning himself again during a blistering SFW before throwing it back into the audience. The dance with Brooke has Adam striking numerous poses in one of his most uninhibited yet, almost like a parody. The encore of the set is TCB where Adam can be seen playing with Tommy's bass and he mischievously goes up to the much-ignored Cam behind her keyboards to sing.


  1. SIMON COWELL SAID IT: - he's a bonafide "Worldwide Star" - thank you for taking us on the road with Adam - I think the week in Bali recharged his batteries and ours as well - this concert is electric, exciting and like something all new ! Wow! Adam at yet another level - the fan and the Japanese word - still intimate with fans in Japan of all places! AND BROKEN OPEN BACK IN THE SET!!! Monte's acoustic intro is angelic - Okay...I'm on board for the whole ride!!!

  2. I haven’t commented here for a good while and I didn’t get chance to catch you on twitter lately as well, so I just wanted to say Hello, Lambo! :) And I think it’s time to say something, especially when there is a good reason for it. One of my favourite songs is Soaked. Every time I hear it, I’m moved to tears and Adam’s voice is melting my heart. But watching GN vids I feel a bit upset and annoyed by screams during this beautiful song, especially at the end when Adam sings a cappella. And what a gift from Japanese fans! This is how audience should behave during this moving song. I appreciate it so much! I don’t know whether it’s culture or sense of music and atmosphere but from my point of view it’s appropriate manner. And hearing Adam breathing it can’t fail to get goose bumps indeed. It will be very interesting to see how audience will react to the same songs in different countries. But I think we can expect lots of fun and tender moments as well. Thanks for all you do. Your blog still is one of my favourite. And thanks to adorable Japanese fans who knows when to be silent and enjoy Adam’s angelic voice to the full. With love, Diana from LV.

  3. L.O., you're a Goddess for presenting all this lovely material for us on your page. Broken Open and FYE -- woohoo! Adam is truly international, and probably interstellar, too, if we had a chance to find out. He's universal; how's that? All those Japanese accents screaming, "Addaam!" I love it.Adam just keeps takin'us higher.

  4. Thanks for the write up. I luv reading them esp. with your sense of humor. And yay for Broken Open being thrown back to the set. I can't wait to hear that live. :D ~K

  5. Francess40, isn't it fantastic seeing the reception he receives as he travels around the world? This is my favourite arrangement of Broken Open yet.

    Diana, hi! Indeed the Japanese fans have allowed us to have the most beautiful recordings of Soaked and Broken Open. When the crowd is silent and all we have is Adam's voice, I can feel my hair standing end. I can understand that this might make some fans go crazy though. I think it is a cultural thing, people from the US tend to be more openly expressive and perhaps it's because freedom of speech is core to their culture. It'll be interesting to see whether everyone else will follow suit with those welcome silences.

    Glittzchick, it must be such a thrill, I can't imagine what it would feel like being thousands of miles from home having an audience sing your songs with you in what is a foreign language to them.

    K(*Glitter*), you're welcome! I love that version of Broken Open. It's your turn soon, are you ready yet? Please make sure you tell us all about it.