Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Glam Nation: Hong Kong

I haven't had time to watch all of these yet, but here's my selection anyway. There's no kissing during Fever, Adam requests some male underwear instead of bras and there's a double encore of MW and TCB. Enjoy!


  1. Hi there! I know you are short of time so here you are... some You Tube channels for the Kuala Lumpur show...
    cycl5168, janice161 (Opening, Fever, SW), azzuriviva (closer view),doubleangie (ma&tcb), farahlaily(MA&TCB,SW) tigerlilyzk, iTakio(WWFM, RoF, Crowd), nquowei(crowd,FYE, MA, IIHY, SFW, WWFM)
    Pick your choices and give us your comments, please. I really love to read them.

  2. OK. I finally got my chance to see Adam live. He is beautiful. The show is beautiful. It might not be the best show I've seen (via YT), but looking at his face this close made me realized that was REAL.

    I was at the standing Venue, about 8th row. I was being pushed into the crowd and there was no way I could see the stage. All I could hear was the music and had a few glimpses of Adam. There were many pretty boys at the venue. A few dancing next to me, came solo. It was more like a party than a concert. And it was some party, I would say.

    The opening Medley and Fever were a little bit robotic. It was like a very good record player, playing like the millionth times, in it's best quality. So, I wasn't complaining. It could be just me, but I found the beat in many songs, including WWFM, pretty fast. It was almost like he was rushing to finish off.

    Sleepwalker and Soaked were amazing though. The cheering and the energies from the crowd might have helped. He felt less tired. He was very emotional and vulnerable singing these. Broken Open with the twisted end was a surprise, a good one. (And TY universe for letting me see BO live.)

    Strut, IIHY & TCB got everyone up and dancing. And I fell in love with Strut and Aftermath from this concert. I didn't like TCB until now.

    In short, it was a very interesting experience. I would love to have a chance to "see" the performance next time. And thank you AB for giving us a place to re-visit the experience.


  3. Hola, este es mi blog de actualidad musical, donde hablaremos del día a día del mundillo de la música y sus artistas, pasaros si no podeis vivir sin saber lo último de vuestro artista favorito! :D Gracias!


  4. GLb, thanks for your help! Much appreciated. I'm afraid there aren't many comments as I haven't had much time recently to watch the concerts all the way through.

    K(*Glitter*), thank you for your recap, I'm thrilled you finally got to see him live after all this time. The 8th row seems quite close, did you put some heels on to get a bit more of a height advantage?
    It's interesting that you say it was a party rather than a concert. Is that a good thing? To me it seems like in a party you're a lot more involved in what's going on and you're a bigger part of it.
    I've seen quite a few videos where the tempo is a little hurried so I don't think it's just you. Strut for most people isn't one of their favourites on the album but I think it's one of the best live performances.
    I think as Adam gets more famous, it's going to get increasingly difficult to see him live up close. I'm sad that we'll probably never see a gig like Upright but I hope one day we might get lucky.