Saturday, 9 October 2010

Glam Nation: Tokyo I

There's still not much video for this concert but I was fortunate enough to be able to tune into the stream to watch from the front. Adam promised that he'd slay it and he didn't disappoint. His huge glittery hair was dazzling and a super thrusty Fever came with a big long smooch. The ripped 'peach' trousers didn't make an appearance though. The acoustic part of the set with its singalongs and silent mesmerised crowd was a highlight for me, especially Soaked and Broken Open. I prefer this sparser acoustic arrangement without any drums. Adam dropped to his knees for a fiery MA and there was some basswanking going on. The encore was TCB, complete with bra and wild (slightly epileptic!) dancing. Here's my playlist, I'm afraid we're still missing most of the set though:


  1. You got me again!!!! yep it's Denise - I never get anything done when I start Berting with you!!!
    I'm still waiting for my turn to see him live - but I hope to do that when Trespassing tours - btw your vote on favourite tracks on the album is a difficult one - I love them all xxx