Sunday, 10 October 2010

Glam Nation: Manila

I watched this concert on a live stream which had a bizarre Barry White effect on Adam's voice, making it sound like a tuba. Nevertheless, he sounded wonderful and the added huskiness was pleasant. This event was on a different scale to any other so far, drawing a massive crowd of 16.5k+ people. Here's my playlist so far:

Adam's hair looks somewhat out of sorts compared to usual and Monte is strangely wearing a wig. FYE is kept in the opening medley. Tommy initiates the kissing with a peck during Fever. The acoustic section is stunning and Adam returns with a SFW where he slides to his knees. Brooke seems to have thrust out her rear a little too much during her dance as it collides with the Glambulge and Adam jokes about it by squeaking in a high-pitched voice. The encore is Mad World.


  1. WOW! Is he cooking or what??!! Seems like his energy just soared bigger and higher to fit this huge arena - I think he really loves it!!! No more small time venues - at least we can expect that the next tour will be to BIG SOLD-OUT CROWDS. These vids are exciting and of curse, that's because Adam is excited and we get to see it first-hand. Thank you for teaming up with Suz526 for this historic concert - I LOVE THE 21ST CENTURY!!!

  2. I absolutely loved this concert - he's just so relaxed and happy. I read somewhere that some fans gave Monte the wig to wear and they were ecstatic that he did. He's a "good sport" is Monte lol, cause he looked ridiculous.

    AB - my friend meeting Adam with me is not Adam's "type" unfortunately - if that's small, blonde and pretty. He's tall, dark and handsome!! At least there'll be some boys to meet him. I've picked out the photos I'm having signed. One is tame, one is raunchy. (Nikki)

  3. Well, I can certainly see how Brooke is starting to have a hard time not "running into" the Glambulge. I didn't know boys kept growing at that age! It's either getting bigger or he's just very happy to be in Manilla!

    Love y'all, Suz, LO, Adam and Glamily.

  4. 1. Adore the hair. He must be reading comments suggesting he let it fall.
    2. 10:41 is worth blowing up into a life-sized poster.

  5. Francess40, he's a rock star and some day soon, I hope to see him filling up huge stadiums. Although a part of me will be sad that there'll probably never be any more of those intimate Upright gigs.

    Nikki, Monte's quite reticent and as a result we don't really know much about him. It's reassuring to know he does have a great sense of fun though. I wonder if he misses his hair!

    Glittzchick, if I lsang, looked and moved like him, I think I'd turn myself on!

    Anonymous, which video at 10:41?