Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Glam Nation: Honolulu I

Adam has a spiky puffball hairdo at this concert and begins with a medley that includes FYE. Check out the crazy climactic dance during Fever followed by Sleepwalker's explosive vocals. He mentions that there are many stalkers repeat customers during the banter at the start of WWFM. After getting spoiled with all the reverent silences in Asia during Soaked, I wish Americans would shut the fuck up refrain from exercising their right to freedom of speech in the middle of the a cappella section. There's lots of freestyle riffing at end of SFW and MA sees Adam fluffing up Tommy's hair, whose side has recently been shaved. He looks like a boy scout with that scarf around his neck. The band intro has Camilla doing Axel F as her solo and the encore is a fast-paced TCB finished on Adam's knees. Here's my playlist:


  1. I was at this concert - in the 3rd row! - and was blown away AGAIN (saw him in Costa Mesa) by his showmanship and, of course, that spectacular voice! My daughter is definitely a 'convert' to an Adam-Lover. She couldn't believe his voice in a live setting. I keep saying that his voice 'touches my soul' and that has never happened before. Now, she 'gets it'. :-) Will see him in L.A. on 12/16, which should be the show of all time, since it's his last. Thank you for all the work you put into sharing these videos and especially the ones you enhance. You're the best!

  2. PS - one woman at this concert, who was in the front row and stood at the stage, informed me this was her 41st concert PLUS she's going to see him in Europe!!! Wish I had that kind of $$$ - if so, I would follow him around the world too!

  3. Anonymous, congratulations on scoring tickets for LA. It's fantastic that you can share this fandom with your daughter. I guess you have to look out for her 'borrowing' your Adam CDs from now on! I'd love to be rich enough to follow him around the world but 41 concerts really seems a little stalkerish to me. But then again, if I were loaded then maybe I would be a stalker too!