Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tongue-Diving and Floor-Writhing

OK you asked for it so you get it! Here's my latest edit after what seems to be a very long time. Between catching up, doing T-shirts, blogging and generally being a fan, I've been spending time learning how to use my recent editing tool acquisition. Unfortunately my little laptop can't cope with anything else when I'm using it, hence the long periods of radio silence. This video's better quality than my previous efforts as there's less quality loss, and I think the fact that most of the videos are from the sweaty mosh pit really add to its feel. Enjoy!

This is the wild rock star Adam coming out to play, and instead of causing outrage and offence, I think he's like a mischievous imp indulging in a bit of naughtiness, testing how far he can push it. With hindsight we can see him prowling the stage scanning the audience for pretty people for potential pashing. He eyes them up, flirting, playing and loving how they go crazy. In the first of the tonguedives, we can see Adam lock onto his prey before going in for the kill but he's not quite as savage as his approach would lead us to believe. He's gentler than expected but it's only when the crowd starts to ravage him, clawing at him, trying to rip his clothes off that things get a bit wild. We then see modest Adam pull away and do his buttons back up, not wanting to reveal more freckled flesh than intended. He then continues to pick out another lucky person to lock lips with and elevate to the envy of everyone else in the room. It's shortly followed by a startlingly high and perfect glory note and plenty of thrusting just to make sure we know that he's on heat. For the frantic finish, the wildman gets down on his knees for uninhibited and primal thrusting, writhing like he can't handle it any more and is about to explode. Then he gets up with that butter-wouldn't-melt smile, telling the crowd with a nudge-wink tone that he lurves them. He blows special kisses to those who've already had more than their fair share, thanking them for being game.

Adam's tongue-diving and glory note tongue on a T-shirt I designed:

It's my Adam cover of the Rolling Stones logo. It was during Adam's cover of a Rolling Stones song that we first saw that infamous tongue snake out so I think there's a lovely symmetry to it all.

DOWNLOAD 20th Century Boy - HD mp4 79.3MB
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  1. Squeak! I missed your *IMPROVED VIDEO* so much!
    Thank you for making this!
    You are the BEST!! Mwah! Mwah!

  2. Thanks! You are, as always, the best. Your time is approaching. I sincerely hope you get to shove everything else away and just indulge yourself in Adam while he's there. Gloves,reunite.


  4. thank you for an amazing edit of an amazing performance!

  5. whoa!this is cool!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! There should be more edits coming soon so stay tuned.

    In the meantime, leave a comment over at AO to express your interest in an official Glam Nation DVD and we might just get one.