Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chesaning Showboating

The videos for this concert are still a bit patchy but here's my playlist anyway and very brief comments. Adam goes a bit lighter on the glitter here, perhaps because the start of the set is before nightfall. During Fever, Tommy gives Adam a peck behind the ear and we can see that it must be quite hot as the long coat comes off for WWFM and the stripy Strut jacket comes off for MA. If he could appear unfazed by the AMA ninja roll, then his little stumble during MA is nothing and he even jokes about it. The dance with Brooke is a different one, including a hug and a kiss. Who would have thought that eating bugs could be cute? But Adam somehow manages it as he tells us how they're annoying but are providing protein. The acoustic WLL is faster paced than usual, maybe because they're all trying to get away from the bugs, but there are some great variations in the wailing and riffing.


  1. Hi from LA - just before I leave work for the day, I was reading your blog (as I do so on a regular basis) and for the life of me, I clicked on the "ninja roll" link. I hadn't read that particular entry -- was always mindful to skip it since I know how good you are at explaining everything in detail and O.M.G. - my heart did a double beat at the mention of a certain episode, back from Nov. 2009. Luckily for me, you had other goodies to keep me from going into shock at the office. I though I was over it, but after finally reading your blow by blow break-down of said event and your take on the issue, I almost started crying. Luckily for me, you have that link to WLL quite handy. Now to the concert last night - loved how AL recovered from the almost fall :-) He's a pro at recovering and since he's singing live, he can even comment about it during the song! The bugs too - I guess he's now ready for the concert in Asia, LOL! You know, I am wondering... one of those days he might, just might, do a ninja roll again, at the top of the RoF stairs, especially if the light's tech is not paying attention. We'll see, we are only in the middle of the GlamNation tour.
    Cheers from LA,
    Lil, @Lnf001

  2. Lil, I don't know how you manage to get in any Adam before work! I wouldn't trust myself because I know I'd make myself late.
    It's been a while since I last read that entry too, and I don't feel sad about it any more. When I did feel sad was when he appeared on Ellen (don't watch it at work not if you're feeling emotional!) soon after and I felt that some of his fire had been put out. Seeing him so deflated was painful but I'm glad he bounced back quickly. Sometimes I think the controversy was a good thing in the long run, for opening up the debate about sexual double standards and it probably gained him some fans who would have previously dismissed him. Wonder what effect the WLL had on you at work though!
    I love that he can work any little mistake into his routine and make himself all the more endearing for it. I hope he doesn't attract bugs that bite as it would be horrible to be eaten alive while performing. The stage has often been so dark with lighting fail that I think a ninja roll at some point is inevitable!

  3. oh god, you had to remind me of the Ellen show, right :-) The sad one... Just like that morning after at NYC, the whatever morning show.. He was still out of it that morning but boy, was he totally sad puppy-eyed in December. Luckily I am home now and instead of going to the gym, I'll be watching old videos, reading your writing and quietly drinking camomille tea with something strong and then - time for WLL again! And again.. and again...
    As always - thank you for ALL you do!
    Lil, @Lnf001

    PS Did you notice something - he doesn't drag his mom along now!!!! I mean I totally LOVE how he loves her and all, but for a time there she was his shield from the entire world and now he is all on his OWN - Yes! Now I am totally stoked for that New Ninja Roll when it happens! I don't want him to hurt himself, but it would be hilarious if he were to roll down the stairs one and sing "ring of fire.. stairs of desire, here I roll again".. :-))

  4. Lil, I remember the The Early Show straight after, he seemed quite upbeat then still as I think the magnitude of the outrage hadn't quite sunk in. It was only when he had time to reflect that I think he started to feel a bit demoralised. I'm glad he bounced back soon after though.
    LOL! The thought of Ninja Roll Pt II is way more exciting than it should be!