Friday, 9 July 2010

Writhing on the Stairs

Well you knew it was coming as there was plenty of good video for this performance. It just took a while for me to get into gear. Here's my latest edit, comments and download links as usual are further down the page. Enjoy!

This is the second performance of WLL in the tour. The light strumming at the beginning leads us to believe that it's going to be another MW but that unmistakable first bar of WLL is enough to make us go crazy with excitement. It feels like the sexual tension is resting on a knife-edge as Adam paces restlessly around the stage before settling on the steps open-legged, flicking out his tongue in anticipation. We finally hear the first notes, telling us what we need and we know he's right because we're already burning up. The song gives way to sensual cries as he leans back arching, writhing and revealing an extra sliver of flesh. It's like the whole audience has focused enough lust to psychokinetically have its way with him, materialising hungry mouths and eager hands all over his body. It's potently erotic because we can visualise it and imagine how it feels. It's too much, we can't handle it for long and he knows it, so he gets back up allowing us to breathe to prolong the agonising pleasure.

He slinks around all sultry but keeps us simmering at the instrumental break. He turns up the heat again with that strong voice, suggestively drawing our attention back to his hottest parts and building us up. Then he stops, teasing, sneering and sleazily licking his lips before the main 'baby' climax. The intensity is maintained for a while as he riffs and runs his hand down his body making us go wild. He then returns to the steps, legs snapping open in a raunchy move so reminiscent of the Art4Life Crazy that I wonder whether he's going for the glory grab. He doesn't, but finishes on a breathy and gentle moan then a sweet 'I love you Milwaukee' incorporated into the melody. Adam is on fire, extra horny, radiating a sizzling sexual energy stronger than ever before in a scorching-hot show.

WLL seems to be the one we look forward to most at every concert and the one we have the strongest reaction to. It's a classic we all know and love but it's still a cover. Going forward, I think it's really important for Adam to make us feel that way about his own material. It'll probably be different when his songs have left a deeper imprint but I think it's a reflection of the quality of songs as well. I'm hoping for a reworked FYE that's darker, slower and sexier now that we're all familiar with it. Just thought I'd put that out there in the universe.

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  1. SquEEEEEeeeeEEEEeeeeAAAaaaAaAAAaaak!

    I mean thank you so much! :D
    Hmmmmm sexy...

  2. TYVM! You knew I was waiting for it! Whew... I need a bucked of cold water now... as always, your blogging and edits leave me speechless!
    Lil, @Lnf001

  3. Dear AB
    I’m 100% with you on this. As much as I looooove WLL and will never tire of listening to it, I agree that adam needs to make “a classic” from one of his own songs and FYE is perfect for it (it is one of my favs from the album; all of them are, but FYE is sooo clever!!); it sums up adam perfectly – it’s sexy and witty and dancy and has a great tune…. And I think, like aftermath, needs to be re-introduced to people.
    Love your work and keen eye and ear!! Good luck with “the glove competition”!!!
    last, but not least - perfect montage!!! thank you!!

  4. I LOVE YOUR PERFECT DESCRIPTIONS OF THE SEXXIEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! HE DID MAKE INSANE PASSIONATE LOVE TO ME THAT NIGHT!!VISULISE IT AND IMAGINE HOW IT FEELS..OHHH YES..SOO TRUE.. I was there 4th row center...losing my mind, dripping in sweat, wet and Tingling, alllll over, being driven to insanity by this Holy mother of salacious, Sensual Sexxx God..UNBELIEVABLE NIGHT OF ECSTASY!!!!!!!!!!!! UNFORGETTABLE.. Thank you for capturing the best of the BEST to treasure forever.....THANK YOU ADAM FOR THE SWEET LOVE!!!!!!!!! YOUR SOOO GOOD!!!

  5. Hey Lambosessed, you tweeted this tonight and for once I have an hour or so up my Adam-loving sleeve to devour some vids. I've watched this particular WLL many times, for the same reasons you describe so well (above),but also for another one.

    There is a facet of Adam, as a performer, which fascinates me. Throughout Idol and the Idol tour, there were certain moments when a switch seems to click in Adam's head and he stops singing and begins to be sung. It's almost as act of possession. His gift for music has full rein over every part of him, - body, mind and soul - and the song sings him! It's a moment of perfect match, when he's not bigger (in control) of the songs, and vice-versa. When this happens - and it doesn't happen all the time - he doesn't make that quick flip out of a song's emotion back into his own. He's usually serious for a few moments. It takes that long for him to get back from where-ever the hell he and his voice have just been.(Think back to Change is Gonna Come) I LOVE it when this happens. There have been other artists with this unique gift. Won't list them here, but I can't think of anyone else in today's pop/rock who has it.

    This particular WLL is sexy as fuck, but it's more than that. It's riveting watching and listening to someone who has closed the psychical gap between singer and song - and made the two become one.

    I agree that it will be great when Adam has more of his own material to mess around with. I loved hearing that he spent an evening funking it up with Nikka Costa. He's great with any genre, but I think part of the reason I prefer his own or co-written songs is that they reveal himself most fully... I hope he gets time to write a whole lot more. My guess is that he is gonna surprise us all with his song-writing. Especially now that his confidence has grown.

    Love your blog.


  6. Tahha, wow, must've been something quite special to have been there in person, I can see you're still excited from it! Thank you!

    islasands, thanks, I think I know what you mean although I'm not sure I'd describe it as the songs singing him. As you said, sometimes something just clicks but I'd say he inhabits the song so its essence and the music flow with and through him. I think here he's closed the gap between singer and song, but when he also closes that gap between himself, the band and the audience I think he's at his most powerful. I think we can all feel it when everything comes together like this. I remember on his mentor stint, he wanted the contestants to give us "something to listen to, to look at and to feel" and that's one of the things that sets him apart - his ability to touch and to move. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, the results are something special.
    I'd love to hear him go the funk route and I'm really looking forward to new material. I agree that my favourite songs are the ones he's had a hand in writing. I have a leaning towards the bonus tracks so I hope he'll be able to be braver with the next album.

  7. I love this. This is one of my favorite WLL. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these edits. Your write up was incredible as well. With the acoustic ep coming out shortly I wonder if we'll get WLL? FYE would be fantastic but we haven't heard it acoustic yet so probably not. I too look forward to everyone anticipating Adam's own music as much as they do WLL now. I feel that the time will come. Adam is genius and I can't wait for him to put out more music.

  8. Anonymous, you're welcome! I love this version too but I think Fantasy Springs is still my favourite for its surprise factor.
    Really looking forward to the EP. I agree it's doubtful FYE will be on it but I'd still love to hear a live interpretation. I think acoustic Aftermath sounds much better than the album version and I love acoustic WWFM so I look forward to having high quality studio recordings.

  9. AB, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this version. It's so hot. First time I saw it he left me breathless. Stair sex indeed. When he was here in Malaysia, I took a picture of the stairs by themselves because they were the "writhing on the stairs" stairs. A thousand thanks.

  10. jo_blue, you're welcome! You made me laugh! Those sacred stairs! Do you think they were the exact same set of stairs?

  11. Wow talk about adamgasms geeze loved reading this. thanks

  12. Shar, thank you! Wishing you plenty more gasms to come!

  13. WOW !!! I'm speechless ,thanks for this & your description is perfect !

  14. Anonymous, thanks! It was a special performance wasn't it?! The first classic Glam Nation moment.

  15. But of course we want this "whole lotta love"!!!! Nothing less and all of it! What an epic performance!

  16. I was there that night! Peering through binoculars. It seems that I couldn't remember even being there...I was in a state of disbelief and rapture. I love this guy, even in a pink dress. What the f..k is wrong with me? wismiss3

  17. Anonymous, epic indeed! It was the first classic Glam Nation moment of the tour.

    wismiss3, did you get a good view of the stairs? Haha, he looks fabulous in a trashy pink dress and fishnets, you're not alone!