Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My Crystal Glove #ReuniteTheGloves!

It was a last-minute decision to enter the competition. There weren't many entries and a few ideas had been persistently swimming around in my head for a while which wouldn't stay ignored so I thought I might as well give it a shot. Well, after days of sweating it out unsure of when the count was taken, here was the news I'd been hoping for:

Suddenly the feeling of never wanting to watch it ever again and my hatred of all the pimping faded into a distant memory. I hate competing and despite feeling that whatever the outcome, I couldn't lose something that was never mine, I would still have felt disappointed because of all the hours I'd spent working out the shots and expressions for each lyric and for all the editing. A huge THANK YOU goes out to you all for watching and spreading the video to help me win it. Click on the thumbnails to get a better look::

It is a fine leather glove turned inside-out so that all the seams are on the outside. The outside is a super soft suede onto which are attached the crystals. I haven't counted how many there are in total, but on the scale of bling, it's ultra blinging. The dark heptagonal crystals are of various sizes and it looks like one of them has dropped off and a few are chipped so I'll need to be careful with that high-five. It's quite light and rather delicate, smelling of leather but strangely sweet.

I am still asking myself if I really did just do that. As if I needed one more reason to question my sanity! From that first initial thought about winning one half of Adam Lambert's pair of Swarovski crystal gloves, I'd always entertained the rather romantic ideal of reuniting them in the sparkliest high-five ever in a fairytale ending. So now that I have it, I'll make it my mission and start putting a plan into place. You might be able to help my glove meet its other half by spreading this video to Adam and his management in the hope of getting a meet and greet. Thank you!


  1. Awe Lambossed, I didn't know you won!! You are so lucky & your video is adorable I love it so much!
    We definitely need to get that fairy tail ending for you with a meet & greet!

  2. Congratulations!!! So happy for you. 1000% deserved!

  3. Congrats! Well done. You are too funny. I thought I was bad, but you my dear are very close to the edge. Enjoy the jump. Love you and your hard work.

  4. AB, Just WOW! Love the Glove! I reckon Adam would love the reunite video - it's too cute. Everybody with a twitter account, lets tweet Adam so at least he knows where his other half is and AB gets some love from him!

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  6. Sorry about that last comment...I C&Ped something and it sent the old C&P! So you can delete it!

    What I meant to say was that I'm so happy you got the gloce because you completely deserved it and I know you will get the M&G to reunite it!

  7. kittykat59, thank you! Glad you like the video! I thought it was only apt to respond with a video to give an acceptance speech.

    Anonymous, thanks! I just hope I get lucky that the right person sees it at the right time and they're amused enough to help me out.

    Adamspirit, you wouldn't believe how much I was laughing and taking the piss out of myself for doing this video! It was fun though! And it takes one to know one!

    jo_blue, I hope he sees it some time. I've sent the odd tweet but I need to get lucky that he happens to be on twitter looking at his replies when I do it. Fingers crossed!

    revid, no problem. Me too! I hope this mini #ReuniteTheGlove campaign makes a difference. If not, well, it was fun to do!

  8. I love the Reunite the glove video!!!
    I so hope you will get a chance to meet Adam and give him the most glittery high five!!!!
    I just posted the video on twitter for my Jpn friends. I hope it gets retweeted enough times for the right person to see.

    I love all of your videos. You inspired me so much that I started to edit Adam's video to put Japanese subtitles for my friends. I've never done anything like that but you showed me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

  9. You definitely deserved to win the glove AND the next award is for you to meet Adam. I hope someone out in the universe can arrange that for you. Thanks for all the work you put into the videos. It brings a great deal of joy to so many of us around the world!!!

  10. oh Glove...So special and you deserve every bit of winning of this.
    Someday when I go to see Adam's concert in UK, hopefully I get to see it!
    Congrats! again.

  11. Hey! Are you O.K.? What's up? I'm worried about you.

  12. I'm worried too, are u ok??
    You usually write something quite often, now we haven't seen anything in a while. Hugs from @monflaa :)

  13. I think AB is taking a few days for a little holiday somewhere. I read it either here or on her twitter.

  14. miichan, thank you! I've been away so my little campaign has lost much of its steam. I think I'll try to resurrect it when Adam comes to the UK.
    I'm really pleased to be a link in the chain of this Adam Lambert effect, it seems that his ability to inspire is very far-reaching! I've seen some of your videos before but it looks like the copyright people have got to your account :(

    Stacey, thanks! I'm quite a positive person so I see the glove not as the end of the competition but as an opportunity to do something fun. I just hope it works!

    hagoromoaya, thank you! I hope you can come and see it in person too! I'm a little scared of wearing it though.

    Adamspirit, missmonica, apologies for getting you worried, I should have made a note on my blog. I went away for a long weekend for a wedding which ended up taking almost a week plus a lot of recovery time!

    jo_blue, thanks for reassuring everyone that I'm OK. It was a last-minute tweet that I sent out but I should've made a note of it here too.

  15. So glad to know that you are well.