Saturday, 31 July 2010

Glam Nation: San Diego

I haven't been able to watch all the videos yet to comment, but here's my video selection for Adam's home town gig:


  1. Thanks so much. Glad you approve. Still uploading entire show. Hope to be done soon so I can get some sleep. Might need some for my 8 hour drive home this morning. =D

  2. Thank you so very much, dear AB, cos2mwiz and suz526, for this GIFT.

    He was magnificent in San Diego. Although I think less relaxed than in Costa Mesa because of the cameras from "E".

    So excited that "E" and "MuchMusic" are filming shows about him.

  3. cos2mwiz, thank YOU for taking and sharing your amazing video! Everything's so sparkly and crystal clear and those close-ups are stunning. Hope you have a safe journey back. (Also hope you go to more concerts so we get more of this quality video from you! :D)

    Anonymous, the prospect of having a whole TV show dedicated to Adam is so exciting! I wonder if they'll use the footage to make a DVD. They'd make a mint I'm sure. Why haven't they jumped at this money-making opportunity?