Sunday, 4 July 2010

Glam Nation: Charlotte

It looks like the anti-video brigade was very strict at this stop as we've only got bits and pieces of video at the moment. It seems to be quite an intimate one with a small stage. For me, this is a concert where Monte really shines. I love the elaborate ending to his Sleepwalker solo and his parts during the band introduction and the instrumental break in WLL, which makes the drum solo seem a little less tedious. I'm not a fan of drum solos and my interest wanes very quickly, unless they're exceptional.

Fever sees Tommy give Adam a peck on the cheek. Aftermath has an extended break between the first two verses as Adam needs to get re-hydrated. SFW has some exceptional kick-ass vocals and I notice that Adam replaces the twirl of the cane at the start with a kiss. There are things I would tweak in WLL though. I've already mentioned the drum solo that I think goes on for too long but I'd also like to see a change to the sequence of simple repetitive notes on the keyboard for something more creative. I'd also like to see a little less of Adam's back to the crowd. Having said that, the arrangement for WLL keeps getting better, being heavier and with a much grander feel to it which I think is well suited to the finale. Watch out for the remarkably long note. Here's my playlist, you'll need to turn down the volume on quite a few of them:


  1. Lambo, I am back . I was out of town for 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii. I hope you are doing fine.
    Although I was watching your edited concert videos here and there but
    didn't have time to comment. I am as usual so grateful for your editing job and enjoy your "right on" comment so much. I am so excited already thinking of Costa Mesa show this month and Seattle in September. AND on top of these concerts, now Bani informed that Adam is having 4 concerts in Japan as you know. I somehow thought he is going to Japan this fall, I don't know why, and back in April, I requested vacation in the middle of October. I found out Adam is there first part of Oct and now I have to adjust my trip to Tokyo one week earlier.
    This year is really something because of Adam's concert schedule,
    FS in Feb, Costa Mesa in July, Seattle in Sep and Tokyo in Oct..
    I hope my employer will not fire me for taking so many vacations this year. I am planing to go to England if he has next year. I used to live there and I really like to visit again and what more exciting reason than
    seeing Adam's concert there.

  2. hagoromoaya, hope you had an enjoyable break! Even though I haven't been doing any video editing, watching and choosing the best videos and generally keeping up with Glam Nation seems to be taking up all my time.
    I'm very excited for you and the concerts you have lined up. It's great that you managed to book your Japan trip at around the right time. I'd love to see a concert with Japanese fans for all their passion so I'm sure it'll be amazing.
    I believe Adam's going to come to the UK after Japan so I hope I can see him again. The end of the year is usually excellent for TV promotion here as that's when the highest rated shows air.

  3. Lambo, I AM so excited and can't sleep well lately, thinking of the upcoming Costa Mesa shows. I think so far DC show was the best, in my personal opinion. I no longer go to youtube for Adam. I go straight to your site and Bani's. You two are angels to me. Countless hours of searching, editing and posting... my deep appreciation beyond words. Someday I hope to see you in person to thank.
    Aloha (love), from Hawaii

  4. hagoromoaya, I'm getting excited for you too! The crowds are always fantastic when he does two-date venues. Thank you for visiting, and sending love back to you in Hawaii!