Sunday, 4 July 2010

Glam Nation: Myrtle Beach

There's very little in the way of footage at the moment so no comments from me yet. I pretty much stalk YouTube for new videos so here's what I've managed to find so far. As usual, the playlist will be updated as soon as more videos turn up and depending on what we get. In this set, the Tommy interaction is a peck on the cheek during Fever. SFW has some mind-blowing vocals and as ever, WLL is a highlight, this time being fully acoustic.


  1. I just want to thank you for the countless hours you put into these compilations and editing for our entertainment. I was at the show in Charlotte on Friday and Myrtle Beach on Saturday. I hate that there there is little video from Saturday because it was one of the best shows of the tour. The crowd was on fire and so was Adam. I think the WLL was the best I've seen next to FS. The venue was very strict and the tickets were posted "NO CAMERAS". I have front row seats for Raleigh, NC in August. Hopefully I can get some good video from that show.

  2. Chris, you're welcome! I guess I'm trying to organise the tour too so I can find the performances I'm looking for in the future.
    I'm hoping there'll be more video when people return from their weekends away. There seem to be lots of photos so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for video.
    How did this set compare to the DC one? That's definitely been my favourite so far. And what were the other highlights in addition to WLL?

  3. I feel the Myrtle Beach set was just great as DC, but maybe that's because I saw it live. It was a little less overtly sexy - sexy in a subtle way. Brooke had a slight fail during her dance in IFIHU, after which Adam cracked up. He was so full of loving the audience throughout. The Charlotte show had a little damper I feel because of the negative energy outside the venue. The crowd was a huge mixture of all kinds which was great to see.

  4. Chris, thanks for your insights! It's a shame we haven't had much more video. What exactly happened to Brooke? Did she slip? I can't really tell from the video.