Thursday, 15 July 2010


Adam's eye make-up makes him smoulder in this set that sees increased variations in Adam's lower register. A beach ball gets thrown onto the stage during Voodoo which isn't the best of moves, detracting from the mood that's been carefully constructed. Sleepwalker has a virtuoso solo from Monte and the tone and vibrato of Adam's voice during WWFM is particularly pleasing. We have some extra riffing during Aftermath and a slightly different ending to SFW with a a sexy 'Oh, yeah!'. Adam and Tommy pull some funny faces during Tommy's intro and yes, finally - a different solo! The Brooke dance has her on the floor crawling between Adam's legs. He seems to be impressed with the way the audience looks and they get rewarded with an acoustic WLL. I like the instrumentals on this version more than most of the recent ones, with the change in drum kit adding some welcome punch. Here's my playlist:


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