Friday, 9 July 2010

Glam Nation: Nashville

Remember Simon's “I would never go to Nashville if I were you, Adam” comment after RoF? Well the sold-out concert proves just how wrong he was. There was much made about singing RoF in Nashville beforehand, but aside from a powerful performance, Adam doesn't lend it any extra significance. I believe co-writer Aimee Mayo was in the audience and she must have been so proud of this Sleepwalker. The way it ends with those crazy vocals is simply staggering. Just before WWFM, Adam comments about Simon's RoF remark about throwing TVs out of windows and shows his appreciation for his Nashville reception. He has a stray Superman tuft of hair on his forehead that I want to move out the way as he gets hot as sweaty. I like way he plays around with the Aftermath melody before a mind-blowing SFW. There's a minor lyric fail during MA, where he receives a gift from a fan. Monte shows us some awesome guitar licks during the band intro and Taylor gives us a series of backflips. That last note of MW makes me want a freestyling jam afterwards as it reminds me of that River Rock version we all love. There's something about the melody at the penultimate moan before he starts singing that I find irresistible in this wholly acoustic WLL. This one feels quite relaxed but there are also very intense parts that give me a spinetingly rushy feeling. Here's my playlist:


  1. OMG, this is an awesome playlist! He was soo on fire that night. This is what I watch when I follow the twitter list during a concert I can't attend. Thanks so much!

  2. Glamtraveler, you're welcome! Must admit I'm so envious that you got to attend the DC stop. It's still my favourite so far.