Friday, 30 July 2010

Request Glam Nation Video Edits

I've managed to get a bit lost recently with so many videos and so many stops. The purpose of this post is to try to get the maximum out of the best performances with a little treatment from me. It's also to get all the favourites organised. I'm not sure how many I'll manage to do and it's unlikely I'll be able to fulfill each request but if you have a particular favourite, jot it down in the comments.

For each request, please write down the following to help me:
  1. Date (DD/MM/YY), location and song
  2. Reason
  3. Recommended media (optional)
Here's an example:
  1. 15/06/10 Milwaukee WLL
  2. Stairsex needs some close-up tongue action
  3. ABC, DEF for video, XYZ for audio which you can download here http://somelink
Please have a glance at the previous comments before requesting. If your favourite has already been listed, copy the first line of the request in your comment which will count as a vote. This will help me work out the priorities. Thanks!


  1. 1. Whole Lotta Love, San Francisco, 7/25/10 (2nd show)
    2. Insane vocals, the first acoustic to electric Whole Lotta Love
    3. Audio: esabibi, superorange1986, silly00grl
    Video: TALC, Suz526, inaweofglameyes

    Thanks for all of your awesome edits! :)

  2. Understand your problem. Every performance is so good! One that stands out though is:
    1. Sleepwalker, Shooting Star Casino, MN 6/15/10
    2. Very feisty, kicked flowers out of the hand of a fan
    3. Video by libracats
    And then you really need:
    1. WWFM, Same venue
    2. He apologizes for kicking the flowers. It is epic.
    3. Video by libracats

  3. rcat83 said...
    1. Whole Lotta Love, San Francisco, 7/25/10 (2nd show)

    I second!! njoy00 on twitter

  4. 1. August 28th, Costa Mesa, California, WLL(of course)
    2. Adam busted out a new version of WLL, and wiped out a crowd of 8500 people. Prob.-Not 1 single excellent video/audio of the performance. I was at Fantasy Springs and I so appreciated the work you did with that masterpiece of Adams...hoping you can work your magic again. Several good videos, w strengths and weaknesses noted below. I think only one good audio, the others fade in and out, or are drowned out in screams. He really worked that crowd over. His family and friends were there from LA, and the boy put on a show. Check out FEVER from the 28th. Whoa, mama!

    *Best overall video showing all of his beautiful body. HD

    *Similar to dnewton, but from other side stage. Sect. at end of song finishes right in front of Suz, and some spectacular footage, sometimes a hand in the picture.

    *Superior quality video, from waist up-like Ed Sullivan show and Elvis, but we really want some, ahem, lower body shots too, wouldn't you say? Facial shot close-ups are to die for, and I think I may.

    *Probably the best AUDIO, taken from a distance, good resonance, less scream interference(some of those could be mine)

    Some good video options diff angles


  5. San Francisco Fever second show! Yummy! I saw him on Friday and he was fabulous, but Fever from the Sunday show makes my heart go pitter pat! I still think Fantasy Springs is the ICONIC WLL performance.

  6. I agree - WLL Costa Mesa (2nd show) 7/28! I was there and it was incredible. I've tried to be objective and have listened to other WLLs and still feel this one ranks up at the top! Please work your magic. And personally, like cos2mwiz video the best for audio and clarity.

  7. I like all of Adam's singing! Adam Lambert is sooo cosmic!! One of his "If I had You" video's his voice was a little hotter was in vegas show!

  8. 1) 24.6.10 Foxwoods WWL :)
    2) That performance has got to be my absolute FAVORITE WLL of the entire tour. An edit would be IMMENSELY appreciated. :D
    *Not the best audio, but there are alternate angles (Merrycello1)*

    *Fantastic audio + video (dnewton98)*

  9. 7/30/10 San Diego Copley Symphony Hall
    Entire Concert (w/tame Fever)
    Flawless, Great acoustics, High Energy, He was so happy to be in home town
    Best video super high quality by Cos2mwiz

    Angelraj on twitter

  10. I would love a an edit of WLL at Fantasy Springs without band intro. I love the way he does that but I want to integrate into playlists and that band intro really breaks into the mood - ynwim.
    Also, WLL at Toledo is my pick for best performance of that song.

  11. 7/23 San Francisco 1 - WHOLE LOTTA LOVE . This is the only time so far on tour he does a more rocking version - but also slows down in the middle (so we get the best of both worlds!!) I would love to see a REDIT OF this version. I love the San Fran 2 you did as well. Your work is remarkable. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  12. I forgot to mention - that in this 7/23 SF1 performance of WWL - he totally breaks character - AND BLOWS US A KISS! - then goes back in character. I think it's a really special one.

  13. SLEEPWALKER FROM GRIDLOCK - I love the later acoustic versions ( especially Bravo), but this one really rocked - the way he hits "walker, walker, walker" is phenomenal - Adam rocks out when he wants to - sometimes I wish he wasn't so marvelously versatile - maybe we'd just get great rock n roll.

  14. 1. 20th Century Boy Erie PA 10.8.10
    2. different encore, and he absolutely KILLED it!!
    3. audio/video from mndchngr and suz526 :)

  15. 1. 20th Century Boy Erie PA 10.8.10
    2. different encore, and he absolutely KILLED it!!
    3. audio/video from mndchngr and suz526 :)

    I SECOND THIS REQUEST... I was there, too, and it was EPIC! The crowd was really great!!

  16. Ahh, glad I found this post! I'd love an improved version of the Atlanta II encore - the dreds version in honor of LP's last show.

    Many sources listed here


  17. WLL from Foxwoods is unbelievable from beginning to end, from him moving on the table and moaning to his hand job jesture to his outrageous vocals at the end.

    Also, Sure Fire Winners from Wash DC where he moved so that I do believe that man can move his body parts independantly and he supported his fan (s)!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hiya LO... I have msg this request to your YT earlier then I saw you post this link from Twitter so here it is again

    Request #1
    14 Oct 2010 Malaysia GNT Soaked
    Reason: Delete the yappy MOFOs from the last minute pls :P 3:15 and a stupid shoutout at 3:40ish I think (plus the odd static now and then)
    Request #2 GNT Malaysia Broken Open
    A gorgeous partial of Broken Open. Hoping you could sew it up with the ending and i will get out of your hair! :P (Also if you could remove the same idiot's shoutout at beginning?)
    Main vid from farahlaily (she got busted so she had to stop)

    Merge with Vid 2... same angle...
    Why you might ask did I not just go with this and not bug you?? farah zoomed in on Adam at one point... I need the pretty not Monty hehe)

    Shaky Closeups of Adam (if you're feeling artsy ;o)

    Can you just msg me a reply on YT when you have worked your magic? thank you so much sweetie... have a glam w'kend!
    Ean aka loveismyair (YT)

  19. Sooo sorry LO... I have 1 more lil request if you don't mind...
    A Loaded Smile from River Rock BC... that tousled hair squeeeee! Could you just merge audio from Lambertluvva
    into susangra's beautiful clip
    thanks again *grateful hugggggs* :D

  20. I would love to have mp4's and mp3's for the Rock My Town Concert songs. Especially WLL. I don't know if you already have them posted. Thanks for doing all the vids etc. for all of us!

  21. I have to just echo the requests for WLL Foxwoods. The best of the tour for action on the platform and insane vocals.
    Also, WLL at Club Nokia, the last concert, the whole song is full of craziness!