Thursday, 8 July 2010

Glam Nation: Knoxville

Adam is super glittery here, on the verge of overdoing it when you look at the close-up videos. But he's not performing for cameras but for the audience, so he looks other-worldly. With an up-do, the shaved part of his head has grown back now. Tommy gives Adam a little spank during Fever. The long coat comes off just after Sleepwalker but I think Soaked works much better with it on as it's so dramatic. The falsetto ending to Aftermath is stunning. He drops his cane at the start of Strut and sings about it. We continue see his infectious laughter for quite some time afterwards and it's so endearing. He brings back the adorkable dance during the MA guitar solo. Cam does a slightly different solo during the band intro, which I think might be Daft Punk's 'Aerodynamic' and then Adam jokes about basswanking with Tommy. The dancers are fired up with Taylor giving us a backflip and Sasha doubling her somersault with half twist. You can see it in this video. I'm pleased Adam doesn't spend too much time with his back to the crowd in this WLL. He's very flirty and beckons Tommy forward, who leans against him. This feels like quite a gentle version, teasy but without such a domineering manner. It stays acoustic all the way through and it ends with the most magnificent final note. I'm awestruck. At the end, it looks like a fan hands back an earring he lost during the show. Here's my playlist:


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