Thursday, 1 July 2010

Glam Nation: Norfolk

We're still missing a complete set at the moment, but it's another great night. Here, Adam sports an asymmetric up do like the FYE single cover. It looks like he does something a little lewd with Tommy's bass during Fever. He also brings out the smut with a joke about getting it in someone's eye after Tommy repeats the action during his introduction. We have a different version of WLL, like the one Adam ended up doing in DC. It's a rocking version but the beat is the same slow sexy one. He seems much more aloof here, spending a lot of time with his back to the crowd. The vocals are superb throughout as he feels his way through the song. There's a point at which he gets all sexual with the mic but quickly laughs at himself and there are plenty of smiles amid the aloofness. The finish is a grand one with stellar vocals and he reaches so high that even the poppers joining his outfit together come undone. He finds amusement with the bra and pincers thrown by the audience, attempting to nip Longineu's butt as they exit the stage. Here's my playlist so far:


  1. do we know what he was pointing out at 1.55? it was THE cutest thing!!

  2. sorry; the above question was for Music Again

  3. Anonymous, I'm afraid I don't know as I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. I'm guessing that it's a sign with a bit of adult humour on it.

    If anyone could help enlighten us, it would be much appreciated!

    1. I actually have the answer to this, it is a cute story. If anyone is still checking this thread I will post the explanation.