Monday, 21 May 2012

103.5 KTUphoria

Adam steps onto the stage donning a luminous yellow vest under a sleeveless leather jacket with very tight stars and stripes trousers.

First up we have Trespassing to set the mood and he sings a surprisingly high "GPS" line. It leads straight into Kickin' In. I like the verses but think the structure of the song needs tweaking to come alive. Perhaps another verse or a shortened repetition section. That section works OK as a club tune but for the live concert, not so much. There's a good finish though.

It sounds like Adam misses his cue on Naked Love coming in a bar late. I enjoy the performance but think he needs to finish it with a bang. I would suggest kicking in with a blast of instruments for one final chorus. Otherwise, it just seems to fall a bit flat. There's some lovely humming at the start of WWFM as a reverent hush sweeps the crowd. It reminds me of soaked in that respect.

Unusually for Adam, he plugs his new album before the start of NCOE. I wasn't particularly keen on the chorus from the single but I get it here. It's that euphoric feeling of bursting to jump around, which I guess reminds me of IIHY. Good strong vocals here.

Adam invites a "crazy bitch" fan onto the stage, who wraps her legs round him. He then gives her a spanking before proceeding with Cuckoo. He includes a massive glory note, some hilarious dance moves and band intros. The vocals are magnificent.


  1. Everyone please request NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES on radio stations.