Wednesday, 23 May 2012

AOL Sessions - Trespassing Promo

Here's the AOL session that was originally recorded on 25th April. It's made up of NCOE, Trespassing, Cuckoo, Naked Love and Broken English. I've watched all of these through just the once so I'll only post brief first impressions for now.

Adam sounds incredible and looks fantastic despite my mild aversion to leopardskin. I'm so happy to get such a good quality recording of a live performance, even though there's a bit of distortion on the drums. The band sound tight and the backing singers are harmoniously great. Throughout the set we get all the big notes sung higher than what we've had on recent performances. I'm so glad the camera isn't fixated with a band member like the last time.

There are funny expressions aplenty as Adam enjoys goofing it up on Cuckoo. I really like the way it sounds here, very discoey without going overboard on the effects. It's also nice to have a version that's uninterrupted by the band intros. Naked Love continues to be a grower but I still think the abrupt ending needs a tweak. Broken English is such an enchanting song inhabited by a beautifully wailing banshee and his voice is a supernatural phenomenon. Love it.

I've included the interview here as Adam gives some interesting answers. He sounds hoarse like he's lost his voice a bit though. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for the write-up! Can't comment on the band as my ears do not pick up that stuff very well (unfortunately). But have to say that I love the back up singers. They have beautiful voices, the harmonies are rich, they sound wonderful together with Adam. Enjoyed the clear sound for the first time on these sessions

    Love the new version of WWFM! And love the slow ending to Cuckoo. Broken English is tremendous!

    As to Naked Love, his voice is so joyous on this song. I always have a big smile on my face listening to it! That's what he wanted, didn't he? Don't want to be negative, but it's from the same writers as Move Like Jagger. I can't help thinking that that song would have sounded a million times better if Adam had sung it!

    Sorry for rambling, super stoked about Adam topping The Billboard!


    1. It's a pleasure! I like that the backing singers have voices that have comparable power and appreciate the energy they add.

      Yes, moves like Jagger is a fantastic song and I agree that Adam would've done a tremendous job laying his vocals on it.

      Very proud that Adam debuted on top too!