Tuesday, 15 May 2012

GMA - Neigh-ver Close Our Eyes

THAT FUCKING JACKET!!! That jacket is LOUD. Adam Lambert has a fucking horse on his jacket! Well I didn't expect that one seeing as this era is supposed to be more toned down. Love the bold fashion choice and he looks so fresh. Here are the videos:

I find it very strange that NCOE is referred to as the first single from Trespassing. Are we supposed to have forgotten about BTIKM?

This version of NCOE has a more confident start than the Kimmel performance, and despite having a few expressions of fierceness, it's a smiley energetic affair. It doesn't have some of the vocal acrobatics as some of the previous versions but I feel we get to see Adam at his most relaxed and playful as he dances around.

We know from the clips that Adam also performed Kickin' In, Shady and Trespassing but only have a full(ish) version of Trespassing at the moment:

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It's not quite a full version of Trespassing here as something seems to have gone amiss with the editing/recording. With the snare drum, it's most similar in feel to the Kimmel performance. We get lots of close-ups of Adam's cheeky expressions. I find it so endearing that Adam also makes an effort to perform to those outside the studio trying to sneak a peek with their noses up against the glass. It's so considerate and classy of him. I always look forward to that high note of his and it's not as high as the NNN one but it's sustained, powerful and really hits the spot.


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