Friday, 11 May 2012

The Human Guy that Sings - Chelsea Lately

Adam was interviewed on Chelsea Lately last night and although it was great to see him, I didn't enjoy the interview much more than the previous appearance as I find her manner too abrasive.

Adam opts to wear a french navy jacket over a starred leopardskin T-shirt with black trousers and boots. I'm not keen on the colour combo, probably because of my aversion to leopardskin. It does go well with his hair though, and his fresh-looking face. The interview is meh for me though, as Chelsea's trying too hard to be funny at the expense of making the guest feel comfortable and allowing him to entertain. It seems she keeps trying to steer the conversation back to sexuality, but fair play to Adam for playing along, staying classy. Chelsea should pick up on the quote used in the title as a little dig as Adam tries to tug the focus back to his music and upcoming album. The most interesting parts of the interview are what Adam says about making music videos and the fact that FYE has passed 2 million sales.


  1. Pan 5/12/2012 7:03PM
    I don't know anything about the lady , I suppose she is a stand-up comedian , trying to do her job that is to be funny. J. Leno's joke is another story, you can never tell when humour turns into offence; it's like the pills , sweet outside, bitter inside. With your permission , I'll return to Adam's album and your review. I forgot to tell you that I liked you using Adam's opinions as mottoes. I've never understood "it's growing on me" . Folks, we are talking about pop, if the song doesn't catch you from the first listening , there won't be others. Only diehard fans do it. But, happened to me:the slow rhythm of Nirvana overwhelmed me and took me back to happy, far-off days.
    A good song/singer should suggest/transmit feelings, emotions, messages. And Adam and most of his songs did.