Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Q102 Springle Ball

Adam has new ash blonde highlights up top with those stars and stripe trousers and blue jacket. The crowd is well up for it, egging him on and he's returning the energy. He isn't happy with the sound for much of Trespassing and Kickin' In. Despite myself, I'm singing along to Naked Love, finding that bit by bit I'm being ensnared. Even though WWFM is an old song, it's a highlight for me. The crowd sings along and he includes an absolute beauty of a glory note, jazz hands and all. Unmissable. NCOE has some stellar vocals and some slightly different drumming at end. The set ends with Cuckoo and band intros with Adam really playing up to the crowd. Out of all the radio concerts so far, this one's my favourite for vocals. Here's my playlist:


  1. He's in Full Bloom and I don't think I've seen him so happy.... All Hail the new Adam! and watch the awards come flooding in (me again Denise) xxx