Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MLB Fan Cave

Here's a video of the recorded stream from the concert which I'll update when we get better quality ones coming in, along with brief comments below:

It seems that Adam has decided to invert his outfit from the earlier GMA performance, going with what looks to be the trouser half of the infamous Horse Suit Jacket and all black up top.

Trespassing - Adam's voice is incredible in this. A great start to the set to get those feet moving.
Kickin' In - The bassline is banging and there's something so appealing about the way he orders "Girl, don't you hit the ground!". There's lots of echo which makes it sound like more of a club tune.
Shady - The recording can't really handle the bass here but it's so funky I could have this in repeat.
WWFM - This is a completely revamped and re-arranged version with a different drum beat. It could actually fit on Trespassing with its moodier feel and the backing singers lend a different angle.
Broken English - Phenomenal vocals, he hit those highs with gusto.
Cuckoo - Different slightly trippy instrumental interlude with loads of fabulous funk guitar and Adam's voice on top.
NCOE - Some unbelieveable notes.

Fuck me stupid that was awesome! Even though many of the songs are in still their infancy performance-wise, I love it that Adam is averse to singing straight-up versions, preferring to play. Lucky, lucky New Yorkers.


  1. Looking forward to your improved one piece versions of these performances!