Saturday, 26 May 2012

95.5 WPLJ Scott & Todd's Super Summer Blast-Off

For an early morning gig, Adam looks chipper with an unusual sartorial choice of checked shirt over a white T-shirt. The crowd looks a little different to the usual flailing females, with quite a few stationary blokes in baseball caps near the front.

A strong Trespassing starts the set before the shirt comes off to go round Adam's waist for WWFM. It's a bit disconcerting that the crowd, for once, doesn't sing along, but I guess the point of these gigs is to capture a new audience. It's a lovely version with some new runs. Shady is next. It doesn't have the best of starts but the band sounds very tight, the arrangement hits the spot and there's a wow moment as he stretches out a powerful note that lasts forever. A great NCOE concludes the set.

I wonder if Trespassing and Shady were chosen for such a short set because they're considered to be the most commercial, and an indication of subsequent singles. NCOE is a given and WWFM was included for being Adam's biggest hit.


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