Sunday, 20 May 2012

KISS 108 Concert 2012

For this concert, Adam's got the daytime rocker look nailed with a sleeveless hoody over a T-shirt adorned with native American patterns. Here's the video along with my comments below:

I think Trespassing is one of the most enjoyable songs performed live and it's absolutely fantastic to see such a huge crowd getting into it and clapping along.

Kickin' In is a rocking version with great funk guitar. I'm not sure the rock vibe works as well as the album version. Adam does some fun shuffly dancing and does lots of ad-libbing with his voice over the repetitive part towards the end.

Shady has a troubled start. Adam is unable to find the right pitch and sings the first verse off-key much lower than intended. I assume it's because he can't hear properly. He finds his way back when the guitar kicks in and does his best to make a good performance out of it. I still like it though, especially when we get to hear the more melodic part of his voice towards the end.

WWFM brings a shift in the mood and it's a beautiful sweeping dramatic ballad with lots of echo. The backing vocals are a little off at points but overall I like the effect they give. I'm growing to really love this arrangement.

At the start of Naked Love we hear Adam complain about the sound. He loses the hoody and makes an effort to be family friendly and not swear. I'm now starting to see the appeal of the song as it's so poppy and right for this kind of sunny summer singalong that gets the crowd going. I still don't like the ending though as it just fizzles out. I think Adam needs to sing a few notes to give it a definitive finish.

Oops Adam, I'm sure you weren't supposed to say "piss" in family-friendly mode. The NCOE synths are overpowering. This isn't an album favourite at the moment but I can start to understand the rushy excitement of being able to experiencing this live, perhaps at a festival. It's an excellent performance where the high notes wow.

The set ends with Cuckoo. The guitar sounds more electronic and less 70's wah-wah than some of the other recent versions. He forgets to censor himself for the f-words and I just love this version with his crazy dancing. It includes a jazzy psychedelic instrumental bridge just before the band intros.

DOWNLOAD full in-synch Kiss108 concert mp4 (136.17MB) Alternative download link



    My sister went on a hyped moment she had to walk out the room!!

    My boyfriend was trying to settle me down since i was sat on him being all jump like WOOOO ADAM!!!<3

  2. He owns the stage,amazing performance !!

  3. Ha! Moms are playing #Trespassing louder than their kids are playing their music!

    1. Very true! I think that applies to Grandmas werking it as well!

  4. What a fantastic set. Nobody better than Adam when he's really in a party mood...Thanks so much for the download! I had already decided to try to rip it- so thanks for setting it up for me. I can't wait for his tour (although sounds like it might be a year). I want to go party with him live!

    1. Me too! Hope you get to go to one of his upcoming concerts.