Sunday, 20 May 2012


The set was made up of Trespassing, Kickin' in, Shady, WWFM, Cuckoo and NCOE. We finally have acceptable sound so here's my playlist and comments below:

Adam is dressed all in black apart from a leopardskin shirt. I wonder whether the black armband is for Donna Summer. Those trousers are impossibly tight!

Trespassing is fun and cheeky, make sure you catch that pelvic action just before the bridge. The vocals here are fantastic.

The instruments sound really loud and a bit off at times on this version of Kickin' In. Adam's shuffly bandy-legged dancing just before the bounce part is hilarious, he's such a dork. You can really appreciate his showmanship here he commands the stage.

This is the type of performance I missed during all the acoustic radio station gigs. I really like this Shady for Adam's energy and how he involves all the band members making the stage feel more than the sum of its parts. There's a lot of dancing and he just makes me want to get up too. I would like the bass to be louder, shaking my bones and making this feel a bit nasty but judging from the other mic-frying recordings, it's probably loud enough for the crowd.

I'm really loving this arrangement of WWFM, especially the unfamiliar start and that moment of recognition where the crowd all realise which song it is and cheer it on. It feels like a much grander affair than the rock and acoustic versions. I've heard this song a squillion times but find such enjoyment from this beautiful version. The only down side is that it doesn't quite seem to fit sandwiched between upbeat dancey songs in the set.

This Cuckoo is loose and camped up with some funny dance moves and hip action. It includes the band intros over a jazzy instrumental section and Adam sings it invariably well.

Adam's voice sounds strong and those wonderful long notes are a marvel on NCOE. This high-energy song is the perfect way to end the set.


  1. Even though the sound wasn't great I enjoyed the footage. thank you so much for always looking out for us Glamberts!