Monday, 7 May 2012

Radio Promo Picks

This is long overdue but I still think it's a necessary post. Adam's radio gigs went by in a bit of blur and it was hard work staying on top of it all. But I have managed to watch and sort everything now, so here's a playlist of my recommendations:

I hope you'll find these highlights easily digestible, useful for catching up with, and finding for future reference. I tried my best to narrow down my favourite highlights but obviously picking one of each song was impossible. So we have the following:

B96 Chicago - Not the best quality, no tricks, but it's like looking in on a private moment. Very intimate and raw.
94.5 PST Princeton - I chose this for the sweet fluttery warbling near the end.
106.1 Kiss FM Seattle - Excellent quality, beautiful tone and different set of notes to finish.

Kidd Kraddick Dallas - The guitar isn't great but the quality is and Adam's emotive voice is wonderful.

Q100 Atlanta Bert Show - The video is beautifully shot and Adam's rich voice is perfection.
99.7 The Point Kansas - There's a big note wow moment and Adam plays around with the melody in a new way.
Mix 106.5 San Jose - Adam sings a very different-sounding bridge that hasn't been done before.

Mix 104.1 Boston - This was only Fever I'm aware of, lots of freestyling and so much fun.

93.9 Lite FM Chicago - Foot-stomping fun as Adam's voice soars towards the end.
Mix 93.3 Kansas - This version is unexpectedly extended and Adam fills it with excellent improv.
104.3 MY FM LA - This is the only version with a drum, giving a different vibe. The sound is great though a bit out of synch.

105.1 The Buzz Portland - Adam is brilliant in voice, doing plenty of riffing on this fun theatrical version.
Energy 103.7 San Diego - Lots of cheeky attitude as Adam dances in his seat and claps in this mic-less version.

Star 101.3 San Francisco - Some magnificent powerful glory notes in this.
Live 95.5 Bing Lounge Portland - The vocals are majestic and the quality is excellent.


  1. Thank you for this lovely intimate concert - you are always impeccable in your choices. I'm growing to love these new songs. Adam is such a fine, fine vocalist - best in the world in my opinion and nothing allows us to hear him like these acoustic sets. True gems and a real gift to us.