Friday, 7 May 2010

Adam on Jonathan Ross - Live Stream

Well I've finally managed to get my blog mostly back up to date, so please check out the posts over the last couple of days. This is my first attempt at streaming a show so I hope it works OK. My little laptop is actually an antique with a measly 1GB RAM and powered by hamsters, so apologies if it doesn't work or keeps buffering. To keep the load down on my computer, I won't be tweeting during the show or watching the stream. I'll try and be in the chat room so if there are any problems, let me know there.

Although he has his funny moments, I'm not a big fan of Jonathan Ross. I think he's an annoying prat but his show is the most popular late night one, drawing high-profile guests and attracting audiences of a few million. It will be good exposure for Adam, and satisfying to see the universal effect of the charmicide.

It kicks off here at 22:45 UK time, 14:45 LA, 17:45 NY, and 06:45 Tokyo. Enjoy the show!

UPDATE: Looks like it's been delayed by 15 mins because of election coverage.
New times 23:00 UK, 15:00 LA, 18:00 NY, 07:00 Tokyo

Here are the YT recordings of the stream. They're not great quality and I cut out the Feeling Good clip for copyright, but it includes priceless Adam as a 'Southern black woman'.

I've left up the full-length Ustream recording too, for those who want to play a 'Spot Adam in the Green Room' drinking game.