Sunday, 23 May 2010

KISS 108 Concert

Wow, there has been so much suckitude at this concert because no one seems to be able to sing live. Still, listening to people making my ears bleed is something I've gotten used to in the course of following Adam. Here's the media so far, which I'll be updating as the night wears on:

Backstage interview:

Playlist of full set - use the arrows to change songs:

DOWNLOAD Interview - Real Media file *.rm (Audio in synch, plays with RealPlayer/VLC Player) - 22.0MB
DOWNLOAD Adam Lambert's full set (Intro, WWFM, MA, Strut, Sleepwalker, IIHY) - Real Media file *.rm - 62.4MB

It's too late to write a proper review now, so here are my stupid tweets in the meantime:

He sounds very high, did they up the key?
Same jacket as on Leno with the mohawk on the back #kiss108
Spray-on pants! #kiss108
Same leather ones as on Ellen - except without strategically placed shirt
Are they missing the keyboards today? Sounds very different
Wonder what Tommy's solo's gonna sound like #kiss108
Tommy did a decent job, but the guitar sounds a little strange, kinda jangly.
First person tonight who can actually sing live and he sings fucking brilliantly. #kiss108
Bitch has the best strut going. #kiss108
Cameraman fail. Need to see those moves #kiss108
He seems to have an odd patch over the crotch area.
Not the best start though
Go Adam! Kill it! That is some serious belting going on!
Fist bump with LP - cute.
I almost thought he was gonna keep the language clean
Wonder why he decided to leave out the dancers
Misbehavin' hair!
OMG that mouth is huuuuuuge!
Bouncy Adam is so cute


  1. the glam nation motto:

    no matter your religion, color, sexuality - or how old you are - we can all fucking party together.

    awesome. do you think if many climbed onboard it may even result in something as cliched as world peace?

  2. As always, you're awesome! Thank you for the ADAMAZING job you're doing! I have come to, ahem, kinda depend on you for getting the best media, info, etc. Quite a bit, actually. So again - thank you for a sleepless night, awesome media compilation and your total dedication!
    Lil, aka Lnf001

  3. Hi AB! Look forward for your review. What a night it was! Staying up till 3am, going through so many rubbish performances just to see Adam. But it was worth it! What an intro for Adam! I’ve got goose bumps indeed. Epic! In spite of a bit *shaky*WWFM start Adam was amazing. Without Monte band sounded different this time. But I must admit Tommy did great job. Maybe it just me but I had a feeling that Adam’s interaction with audience was different as we used to. He seemed a bit mixed-up. Maybe because of so many kids :) However I love Adam Fucking Lambert. He is going to be Iconic. (If not then there is something wrong on Earth). Diana

  4. Okay World - No more around - it's OFFICIAL! Adam is in the building and he is SERIOUS. I love the glint in his eye and the unexpected new level of confidence since his return from his promo tour. After the unreserved endorsement ( from Boston, no less) he definitely delivers the goods.

    Thank you Adam Bombed - this seals the deals - I'm going directly to Ticketmaster to get my seats in San Francisco. I wouldn't have even known about this concert if you hadn't stayed up all night to bring to us - we love you too!

  5. He's amazing. And you're amazing, thank you for all the lovely comprehensive posts!!

  6. shaunna, I've thought about that as well! If he ever ended up in a war zone, people would be too busy watching him to kill each other! Not to mention the positive vibes radiating off him.

    Lil, you're very welcome! Glad to be in this together with you.

    Diana, I've been very lazy but hope the entertainment made you feel much better. Yes, that was one heck of an intro - that DJ certainly recognises talent when he sees it. I thought WWFM went well apart from the slight sound problem at the start. My 'shaky' tweet referred to the start of Sleepwalker where he sounded a bit off-key. The way he finished it was a knock-out though. I think the engagement you mentioned has more to do with the camera-work than anything else. It's rare to see an Adam concert video that keeps cutting away. One of the reasons why I haven't done a review is that I find the shots to be hard work to watch. They don't do a very good job of showing Adam off.

    Francess40, all that rehearsing has made quite a difference to his performance and the results have been fantastic. Can you imagine how mind-blowing he'll be at the tail end of the tour? And I've just found out that he's taking the tour to the UK in the autumn so I'm thrilled! Good luck in getting tickets, let me know how you get on.

    Anonymous, he seems to keep re-defining 'amazing'! Thank you so much, I feel honoured that you used the same word to describe us!

  7. AB, I've always admire your writings. I wished I could change up this article in reference to Adam and his GNT, perhaps AB, you could:"The Atomic Bomb is defined as a "powerful explosive nuclear weapon fueled by the splitting, or fission, of the nuclei of specific isotopes of uranium or plutonium in a chain reaction." An atomic explosion has a strength equal to that created by thousands of tons of TNT. or Trinitroluene. - The atomic bomb reminds me of ADam bomb and the explosive, ur, pl get me to think of his 'firing' performances on his GNT.