Saturday, 22 May 2010

Soaked in the Springs

Here's my latest Fantasy Springs edit of Soaked. I think this look of his suits the song much more than any other. There is so much light and shade in this performance going from the softest warble to the mighty soaring crescendo and that ghostly howl. Adam is very expressive as he stumbles around the stage dragging the mic stand with him. There is a very extended pause in the song just to add that extra bit of drama.

DOWNLOAD Soaked mp3 - 11.1MB
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DOWNLOAD Soaked HD mp4 - 76.8MB


  1. Lambo - this is beautiful! I love the drama of the mic stand being dragged, and when he paused before letting loose his heart breaking ending.

  2. Anonymous, glad you like it! Performing seems so natural for him because he seems to feel everything.