Monday, 31 May 2010

Spring into a Strut

It seems like such a long time since we were left suspended hot and speechless by the Fantasy Springs concert. I've been slowly working through the set in order of your favourites so here is my latest addition to the collection, a little memory while we wait for the IIHY video and the Glam Nation tour. I was actually a little surprised that this song was so far down the list because it was hovering in the top part of mine.

The more I see this costume, the more I appreciate it, especially because there hasn't been a repeat. When I see the hair, it reminds me of a Labyrinthine Bowie and those trousers have shades of harlequin in them but they also creep around like a pair of serpents. I absolutely love the part of this song where Adam does a little hippy tribal dance around an imaginary camp fire, summoning down the spirits of hedonism. It's also because it feels perhaps like a child pretending to be an aeroplane — a moment completely free of inhibition — which hasn't been that common lately because of the staged pop numbers. There are other parts of the song where I get the same feeling, like just after the climax when he jumps from side-to-side — moves that I can't imagine a choreographer would ever put into a routine.

The core of this song has to be that sassy strut and seeing it for the first time was jaw-dropping. He's very aloof but so OTT that he pulls it off with such poise as to make any catwalk model weep. I remember celebrating it with a 'Whoop!' so I've added a little emphasis on it in the video. I also laughed at his little jiggle immediately after, just in case anyone was taking him too seriously. At the end, he breaks out of fierce to become all sweet and smiles. It's a strong vocal, with a couple of marginally flat notes but plenty of magnificent big ones too. The bassline coupled with Adam's energy really do make you feel good enough to strut, and after watching it, I might just do that. Feel free to come and join me!

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  1. You are amazing! Thank you so, so much for all the hard work you do.

  2. I swear I'd go into Adam withdraw without you and your blogsite lol(: and i must say i love his tight pants. ahah(: anyways i'm goin to one of his glam nation concerts and will give you details on it if you want(: oh and one more thing you should look at my birthday cake. youll l♥ve it(: lol(:

  3. I agree with you re: the Fantasy Springs show. I've watched the vids of almost all of his performances and FS is still my favorite concert. I wish I could have been there because I don't think there will ever be another one quite like it. I absolutely love the outfit he wore! And thank you for all the time you spent perfecting the vids. Although, watching Adam over and over again was probably a pleasant job. :)

  4. Thank you again, and again and again! This is the best concert so far - my aging hippie heart believes this is the REAL ADAM although he's always unbelievably convincing - he'll find himself on the silver screen but hope it doesn't swallow him up. I love all 3 of the songs that he wrote - but they are definitely performance pieces and require his live presence for ultimate appreciation ( I do mean ultimate). I WANT a shirt like that in midnight blue with a (subtle) sprinkle of silver glitter - I'll probably have to make it myself!

    Love to you and Adam for keeping us so happy!

  5. Thanks AB! I like when you put some creative touch to your vids. Adam’s strut snapshots – love it! We have seen so many different and unique performances so far. And I can’t wait for Glam Nation tour. 4 days to go!!! I’m sure Adam will amaze us again and again and again... Ok now I need to practise strut...strut...strut...Diana :D

  6. Million thanks AB!!! I am happily addicted to Adam and for several months now have been addicted to your blog.

    I have not seen or have probably missed your review of Can't Let You Go. What are your thoughts? I am completely flawed by the raw emotion and the haunting beauty of his voice in this song every time I hear it.

    I am going to see him live in Toronto on June 19. The reality of it still has not sank in.

    Much love to you.

  7. I meant "floored". :)

  8. Calysta Rose, you're welcome! There'll be more goodies to come!

    madylan, what an awesome birthday cake! Hope you had a fab fun birthday. I look forward to reading about your time at the Glam Nation tour.

    acadiacate66, FS is definitely one of the concerts that stands out the most. It feels like everything came together perfectly to create that magical moment. Or maybe that was just his voodoo! These videos take much longer than they used to because there are so many videos of each performance and it's very time-consuming to watch each one repeatedly.

    Francess40, you're welcome! Looks like he might be recreating this feeling for the Glam Nation tour from what I've read. Maybe this was him testing it out. We're in for some real treats, that's for sure!

    Diana, glad you noticed that! He was really working that part so I wanted to give it a catwalk fashion feel. He's so photogenic.

    Anonymous, thank you! I actually held out from listening to the CLYG YTs, wanting the first time to be CD quality and it was worth it! It's so full-on and passionate, like an explosion of emotion. His voice on it is amazing as he manages to keep soaring higher and higher. Which reminds me, must listen to it again...