Monday, 10 May 2010

Live Stream from Studio Five

Adam has an "amazing" interview lined up today on Live from Studio Five which I plan to stream here. It's on at 18:25 UK time, 02:25 Tokyo, 01:25 HK/Singapore 13:25 NY and 10:25 LA.

To save load on my PC, I won't be here on my blog but will try to be in the chat room so if there are any problems, let me know there. In the meantime, while you're waiting, I've put up my first-hand account of my very overdue Heaven review. Enjoy!


  1. AB - enjoy I did. Have spent a delicious couple of hours with your playlist. The audio in particular was so clean. Loved the psychedelic touch on Rabbit Hole!!!! Thank you so much.

    Im getting a little irritated with some interviews - the things they make Adam do. In this one, they don't ask if he wants a hand massage - it's you will have one whether you're in the mood or not - and my sense of symmetry is unbalanced because they only did one hand!! They take advantage of his "inability" to say no on camera without coming across as a diva.

    AB what do you think of Adam's sales so far in the UK?? (Nikki)

  2. Nikki, that's great! It was quite hard to choose favourites out of the growing catalogue of performances.
    It was a bit of a strange set-up that didn't quite work and I would have preferred a better view of Adam. But I don't think anyone would really refuse a free massage! I'd like to think they did the other hand off-camera.
    I don't follow the charts or have ever followed anyone closely to compare, so I'm not particularly well-informed. As far as I can tell though, sales are OK considering he hasn't had that much exposure. He still has quite a way to go and it will be a challenge to maintain the sales once all his fans have bought his music. We need to win over new audiences though radio and TV.