Sunday, 16 May 2010

Stop. Glammer Time! Wango Tango

I woke up this morning to all these goodies and saw those harem trousers and laughed so hard. Adam somehow manages to work the look with that beautiful Leno Sleepwalker jacket and the black equivalent of his ornate top from his IIHY shoot. I wonder if those trousers were a response to all the recent wang-gazing brought about by the pictures from the IIHY shoot. Adam has gone with a tribal/alien look for his eye make-up and the hair is a textured up-do up with spikes and razored sides. Here is a playlist of the best videos of the set so far. Use the arrows to change songs.

The set is very short and I wonder if it's an indication of the next singles to come. My guess would be Sleepwalker then Fever to follow IIHY. The highlight for me is Sleepwalker with its phenomenal vocals. It's been a while since I last heard him belt that high and I love Monte's solo. I'm also very impressed with the dancing which has improved tremendously. The dancers are much tighter and their co-ordination and timing are sharp. One other thing of note is Adam's ability to sing while jumping up and down on the spot during IIHY. He really is extraordinary.


  1. First of all thanks for the post. =)
    You are right. Pants are epic...even though i miss the glambulge easy viewing. =P
    As you mentioned, dancers have gotten better. Adam moves with precise rhythm and conviction in the parts that he accompanies them. Maybe that's why i feel dancers don't add much and sometimes just feels that their moves are very unsynchronized. (esp. from one the videos of this set that was taken from the side). They don't feel the music as much.
    Adam's ability to dance, walk, jump and not miss a single beat is quite impressive. Even when he does a set of not all my fav. songs on the album, I still end up entertained and amazed at his vocal and audience control.
    Btw, i love the equal sign on his head.

  2. Anonymous, I love that he has such fun with clothes with that tongue-in-cheek attitude of his. The thing is, we might think those trousers are ridiculous now but we might well be wearing them in the future! I'm sure all the dancers must feel the music but just respond slightly differently. All the rehearsals should sort that out. They were much better here than at the HMV gig I went to in London. I was wondering how long until we'd get a different hairdo. I think I'd quite like to see some different colours in it next.

  3. Hello, I have been a big fan of Adam since the end of the Glam Nation tour when I heard and saw him for the first time through YouTube. I am an educated classical musician myself and recognize how truly great his voice is. I would really like to get his new Trespassing CD Deluxe but just yesterday retired from my job. As it was, I was having a difficult time making ends meet but now that I will get less than my working wages, I am tighter than tight financially. I am also disabled which will make job hunting difficult. I'm going to apply for disability but that may take up to 2 years. Okay, my big question and I'm embarrassed to even have to ask this but is there any Adam fan who purchased more than one Deluxe CD to support Adam who would consider letting me have one of the extra CDs? If that person can and wants, I am an artist (graphic drawing) and could draw a picture from a good photo of their choice for this generous person.

    If anyone can help me, please contact me at I would be eternally grateful. Thank you, Carol

  4. I want to say that Adam has the best fans in the world. I had several offers to gift me Adam's CD. I was overjoyed & just wanted to cry because of the generosity and offers I received. Thank you to all who emailed me or even thought of emailing me. Glamberts are the best!

    Again thanks, Carol

    1. Carol, I'm just glad we were able to help out! Thank you to all who offered their help.