Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Grown Differently - Netherlands

After the more structured productions of the London performances, Adam stripped it all back for an organic acoustic set on the Dutch show MetMichiel. Music Again is aural sunshine, sung beautifully and the my appreciation of WWFM has been completely renewed by the delicate vocals. The perfectionist in Adam makes him have to restart DTRH because Monte's guitar is out of tune. The set is completed by an upbeat MW and I love the sound of his voice where he gets to really belt it.

Adam appeared on TV show De Leeuw which includes an exchange between him and the presenters that's made of win. Another stunnning acoustic performance of WWFM.

Here's my playlist of all the Dutch performances, use the arrows to scroll through the videos:


  1. First time I really "get" this song - it's great! Thanks for this.

  2. Francess40, you're welcome! I've been a big fan of this one since the Gridlock performance. So camp and such fun.