Friday, 7 May 2010

Hold Your Cupcakes! - Switzerland

This gig came as a most pleasant surprise as I hadn't been able to follow Adam's every move. It's the most extraordinary acoustic set so far as Adam. The set-up is unusual because Adam is in darkness but it allows us to really absorb and feel those vocals. Here is the playlist of all the songs - this is my guess at the set list order so please feel free to correct me. Click the arrows to change the song:

WWFM has a tender start but because we can't see him, it's easier to notice that there's plenty of light and shade. I really love his use of vibrato in the softer notes for a very pretty rendition. When I heard the first note being hummed in Sleepwalker, I thought someone had added a fiddle to the arrangement, only to realise it was Adam's voice. It still astonishes me the range of sounds he can make. This is a flawless vocal that really turns into a free-flow riffing masterclass as soon as he hits the climax and belts out 'You're everything that I want'. The subsequent vocal guitar solo induces goosebumps and I'm stunned all over again at the magnitude of Adam's talent as he lets rip with that staggering, powerful, resonant, gritty and awe-inspiring voice of his.

The charming banter with the sweet Swiss audience - who came prepared with gifts - is heartwarming as Adam bounces into the fun stomping vibe of Music Again. The instrumental arrangement of Broken Open sounds quite different to most previous versions, being guitar rather than piano-centric. It's still quite different from the Stockholm guitar version as there's less strumming for a smoother flow. Mad World is kept freshly jazzed up and has shades of the River Rock performance with the aggressive freestyling at the end. Watch out for that breathtakingly long glory note.

I've been to a glitzy and slick production but I have to make it my mission to see an acoustic set from Adam next. Seeing him jam it out freestyle seems like an experience not to be missed. Adam may have received cupcakes, but it was the lucky fans in Zurich who got the real treat.


  1. i just love your take on all of this. thank you once again, my favorite adam site, what a great job you do. Thank you for the gift...from California, no west of san francisco, heaven here at spirit house and I adored your take on Adam in Heaven. I'm eve in the garden at spirit house, so somehow this all fits together in a most lovely way. thank you again and please to keep it up, I'm checking in with you every step of the way. I'm going to costa mesa...10 hrs drive time... be there July 27...and anything else that adam is doing in california this summer. whereever you are, enjoy this precious day and night. adam fan and adam obsession fan in for the journey. PLT

  2. PLT, congrats on getting tickets, you'll have such a blast! I'm envious of everyone who gets to go to the glamnation tour and feeling all left out here in the UK. Thanks for commenting, and for being part of this journey. It wouldn't be half the fun without my fellow obsessives!

  3. Once again thank you for your great work. You must have enjoyed Adam when he was in UK.
    I don't log in each time but visit your site once a day instead of searching Adam on Youtube, because I know you post the best of Adam. I will fly to see Adam again at Costa Mesa for both days . I flew from Hawaii where I live, to Indio this Feb. So here I come California! Also thank you for the Japanese Adam site info. It's a lot of fun to read what Adam's Japanese fans are talking.

  4. hagoromoaya, congratulations on getting tickets for the tour! I'm so excited for you and hope you'll share you experience with us. I think Indio is the concert I wish I could've gone to the most, so you're very lucky. Adam was awe-inspiring when I saw him live and I hope he returns soon. Glad you liked the link, there is a lot of enthusiasm from Japanese fans.