Thursday, 6 May 2010

Gay gay gay gay YAY! - Germany

Adam made appearances on two TV shows while on his return to Germany. He received a lot of airtime on both. The first of these was morning show ARD MorgenMagazin where he was given a long interview before an acoustic WWFM. This was an exquisite version with beautiful close-ups and melodic variations similar to those on the AI version. The music video playing in the background is a nice touch. He also received a lot of coverage on afternoon show VIVA Live and rather surprisingly, there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of focus on his sexuality. The intro package and the interview both highlighted this. I won't complain though, as it was great to see him receive so much airtime and his charm worked a treat. We also got another stunning acoustic WWFM out of it.

It seems to me that there have been two different marketing strategies on the world promo tour so far. The UK and Japan have received performances of the dancier electro-pop material with glammed-up Adam, whereas everywhere else has had freely-improvising acoustic Adam. I would've thought that FYE would have been pushed in a few more European countries but maybe it's due to budgetary constraints with acoustic sets being cheaper. If that's the case, I wonder if this is an indication of the priority markets targeted. Now that I've seen the bigger productions, I'm very greedy for an acoustic set. I guess I can never have enough.


  1. According to the Nordic posters (PF) they like melancholic music; so I guess acoustic sets are more to their liking? Notice acoustic sets also comes with tone down makeup and emo or beanie hair. Cut down on the stylist too. lol

  2. I'm blown away by the Sleepwalker in Zurich - don't miss it. I am greedy for it all - my fantasy set list would open with FYE and IIHY in full dancer/laser glory, then an acoustic set in a great t-shirt with MW, WWL and BO - then the finale with Sleepwalker - pull out all the stops Rock and Roll riffing until Adam, Monte and the audience all collapse from exhaustion-- well a girl can dream!

    Bye the way don't miss Monte's acoustic solo album - it's really fine. I hope those two stick it out for a long time together.

  3. Anonymous, thanks for the info. I wasn't sure about Nordic tastes but I would've thought that the Dutch would've been more up for the dance tunes. Wonder how long the toned down make-up and emo hair take.

    Francess40, that Sleepwalker is freaking incredible. I'd be interested to learn more about how Adam and Monte work together. I don't hear much from him but I feel like he's a bit like a rock for Adam. I could be very wrong though.