Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sleepwalking Fantasy

I took quite a long break from editing as it's turned into such a painstaking process, mainly because of the increase in the volume of videos for each concert. Each edit requires me to watch every single one multiple times in order to choose the best shot at each point in the song.

This concert feels like such a long time ago now and we can see how far Sleepwalker has evolved since then, especially with the Zurich performance. I appreciate the costume much more now, especially as it turns out to have been a unique one. It's soft and exotic and an enigmatic Adam is both slight and powerful in it. This performance has huge contrasts, from the weak and vulnerable voice at the beginning to the mighty chanting of the chorus and it's hard not to feel moved by it. Enjoy the latest addition to your collection!

DOWNLOAD Sleepwalker mp3 - 10.5MB
DOWNLOAD Sleepwalker iPod compatible mp4 - 30.5MB
DOWNLOAD Sleepwalker HQ mp4 - 51.6MB


  1. wow, once again, great job. I was at Fantasy Springs - get to relive it all over again with these videos.
    I love your "improved" versions, Thank you!

  2. Thanks again for a great edited video - I have four from Fantasy Spirngs posted permanently on my screen - all yours! Sleepwalker is my current favorite - he's a 21st century creature reincarnated straight out of 1967- and Sleepwalker is his rock god debut song - doesn't matter if it's acoustic or if it's Gridlock- when he belts that "walker-walker-walker" I never fail to feel it where it counts. Nobody has a voice that even approaches Adam's power and I wonder if we've heard it all yet - I seriously doubt it.

  3. dori, it's a pleasure! I'm so envious you got to witness this in person.

    Francess40, my favourite is still that WLL but this one is very affecting. It's funny you say that because I've sometimes thought he's a bit like an Austin Powers without the cheese factor!

  4. If you dont mind me asking, what do you use to edit your videos?

  5. Thank you for posting Fantacy video. I was there to witness Adam's first
    solo concert. I am going to Costa Mesa concert in July, flying from Hawaii again. Love your work as always,

  6. Anonymous, I use a number of different tools. For sound editing I use Audacity, for video I use Avidemux & Windows Movie Maker.

    hagoromoaya, you're welcome, and thanks! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time and hope it's even better than Indio.