Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Glam Nation: Washington DC

Fucking hell! What a concert! I stayed away from all spoilers and have only just managed to sit down and watch all the videos. This is a concert where I feel Adam has loosened up and become completely at ease through his stage presence and banter. It's like he's had a sudden epiphany and decided to crank up the gears to give us the most electrifying set yet. The last time he did a concert on a third consecutive night (Foxwoods) he also blew us away with his vocals. Here's my playlist:

I decide once again that I don't like the use of the backing track and pre-recorded backing vocals because their strict timing don't really work well with Adam's ad-libbing and I can see this demonstrated during DTRH where it looks like he makes a mistake. RoF is particularly slithery as he gets down on his hands and knees again and that shirt is continuing to open increasingly lower. Fever is performed as if on heat with an extra adrenaline shot. Super lively and super thrusty, like he's ready to hump the whole world in a record-breaking gang-bang. And also there's the full open-mouthed smooch as he grabs Tommy by the neck, savouring the taste by licking his lips afterwards. I'm usually impressed by Sleepwalker but I feel that during this one, he gives it even more of his all with show-stopping vocals and drama to match. After ogling the crowd and telling them that they're sexy, he breaks into a beautiful Soaked. I still don't know how he manages to make such a ghostly sound on that note.

He then launches into cracking rude jokes about being wet and doing stand-up as he purposefully looks down onto his crotch. He seems so relaxed and it's all so natural for him. I have to chuckle once again at Adam's 'glory note lever' which I've mentioned before, where his free arm moves down and his legs move up to produce the high notes in Aftermath. It has a great finish to it. He's so liberal with the daring glory notes in a enlivening powerhouse performance of SFW. He's wild and and at one point tells the audience 'Take my picture, bitch!' as he inhabits his mischief-making rock star. Watch out for the little growl as Adam introduces Tommy and they do a very naughty double jerk-off as he does his solo. Terrence has a minor wardrobe malfunction during his solo and Adam urges him to do it again and work the stairs in front of his home crowd. The dance with Brooke is a very different one to normal and seems to also involve Terrence as Adam strikes a pose. The IIHY singalong is a great way to build up the buzz of the crowd.

Then we get to WLL. Even at the long intro we have a slightly different laid-back vibe which conjures up images of kicking back and sipping a cocktail at the beach. Adam doesn't quite seem to be feeling this, being too pumped up, and spontaneously decides to get creative. Longineu switches drum kit and the difference in the level of energy is amazing. The sound of the clashing cymbals and 'real' drums work a treat to up the feeling of excitement even though it's kept at the same pace. Monte swaps the acoustic for electric guitar during the drum solo and the rocking gets increasingly heavy. Adam lets rip vocally for the most mind-blowingly magnificent of finishes. WOW.

This concert's one for repeated viewings as I realise it's the closest we've come to seeing Adam at his best - on fire and extra horny with superpower vocals. I can't help thinking that he has way more up his sleeve though.


  1. WHOA. Adam in heat and on fire, covered with sweat, with superhuman vocals. Fucking hell indeed!!!

    Perhaps, AB, his alleged celibacy while on tour is being sublimated. Hope that lucky bitch got a great photo while Adam did a personal performance for her.


  2. Just watched your entire playlist while drinking my 4 cups of morning coffee! Wonderful!! Thank you so much....Washington was a fantastic show and you were indeed lucky to be there! I will bookmark this page and keep it forever. :)

  3. Adam is really great!! Unfortunately i don't know when I'll can go to Adam's show,because I'm from Brazil....thank God I found your blog!

  4. Adams vocals at the end of Whole Lottta Love. I seriously think Adam is the BEST singer alive on the planet right now. And I sincerely mean that lol. Monte pointed at him at the end of the performance like.. WOW...Great site I appreciate your show recaps and hope you continue doing it.

  5. Wonderful performance again, what a man! Love it!
    I had a question about "Sleepwalker", not sure if this has been discussed before, but do you know what the picture projected on the back wall represents?(besides the mention of a picture in the song) It seems to be an old picture taken at the start of the 20th Century and was just wondering if the person represented someone special to Adam, a pic of a past generation family member?

  6. Anonymous 09:55, I completely agree. I think it's been the best set yet. Rumours are that it was his make-up artist Puja's last concert for a while and they wanted to give him a good send-off. But I suspect it might have been something else that made him extra hot.

    Sandee, you are welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed your morning. Unfortunately I wasn't there as I live in the UK but hope to be able to give a first-hand account when Glam Nation heads this way.

    Jamila, I hope he heads your way soon and I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

    Ronnie D, I agree, he's exceptional. I mean how the fuck can he hit those notes night after night? Hope I can keep up with the tour, it eats away so much of my time though.

    Anonymous 10:07, I don't know if the picture has any significance but the face is blanked out. Maybe it's to do with being so hurt that you live in memories past but as you're Sleepwalking, you can't even recall them properly. Or maybe missing face = absence of someone dear.

  7. Well, I was at this concert, front and center, literally. Adam was 8 feet away! Too incredible for words. I was also at the previous 2 nights' concerts and there was something different about this night. It was Sutan's (make-up artist) last show, but it had to be something more. He was definitely on fire. He mentioned whiskey, but I don't know about that. Maybe he had a swig. I think it's the venue and energy in the crowd too. This crowd was pumped.
    You've probably heard about the kicking the guard incident- there was a security guard hassling the girl right next to me who was taking video, he chased the guard away then sang the "take the picture bitch" line.
    Yes, there was a lot of innuendo with the 'wet' comments - funny. And the kiss, well. got a reaction.
    DC is Terrance's home town apparently, that's why he got the extra dance (I thought). I didn't even notice the wardrobe malfunction. I need the vids in the morning to see what I missed during the concert! There is so much going on.
    The sing-a-long in IIHY was great - he's finally getting it. Much more relaxed and interacting with the audience.
    WLL - after Longinue started on the 'real drums' I spotted Monte plugging in and nudged my friend - it's gonna go electric! ahhh...
    What an incredible show. We waited in line on the sidewalk for hours through blazing hot sun and a torrential downpour, but whatever you have to do, do. Get yourself to a show, and try to get up close.
    Then Adam came out after the show! How perfect was that! And he transforms from the sexy beast from the show into this sweet soft-spoken guy thanking his fans.

  8. dori, you lucky lucky thing! It's still the best concert I think so far. Thank you for your extra added insights. I'd love to know what it was that just clicked that night. How was your encounter afterwards? Did you get a chance to speak to him?