Friday, 11 June 2010

Glam Nation: Council Bluffs

I'm pleased to see the lighting has been adjusted for this concert so Adam has his own spotlight and is no longer singing in the dark. It makes a huge difference and we can see him more clearly in the videos. Here's my playlist of my video picks so far, which I'll be continuously updating:

We see a return to the 'up' do, which seems much less rebellious this time round. RoF has an added thrill with the inclusion of the shirt-lifting tribute to the AI version. We have a great view of Adam doing Aftermath and here he reminds me so much of the Upright videos. There seems to be a little pitch control switch in his legs, the higher they go, the higher the belt. I love the way he ends this song. Watch out for that scorching finger lick at the end of SFW. For the first time, contrary to my initial observation, I notice that he does have a golden skull on the top of his cane during Strut, just not creepy feathers. We can see what he's thinking as he suggestively swings his wang, oops I mean cane, around with that nudge-nudge wink-wink mischievous glint in his eye. IIHY sees a moment which will get the Adommy/Lambliff shippers spasming out as Adam runs his fingers through, ruffling Tommy's hair. The encore returns to MW, but it's an extended version with a remarkable colossal final note.


  1. CupcakeKissesXO Here r the 2 tix to see adam lambert in concert at the borgata in atlantic city New Jersey

    Twitter if you are interested in tickets at original price.

  2. Fabulous collection from Council Bluffs, the best yet. Love your commentary and attention to detail, love your obsession!! Will check in with you always as long as you continue this great site. Kudos!!

  3. I wish Adam would perform at technically better equipped and larger venues instead of so many concerts at small venues like this summer.
    I enjoyed intimate show at FS when I attended, however 63 times of those in 3 months, traveling during hot summer?
    I think such talented artist like Adam shouldn't be abused like this.
    Am I overprotecting? Is this unavoidable new artist's way of
    climbing up the ladder to the fame?

  4. I totally agree with Hagoromoaya. I love small venue concerts and it is really a luxury, a gift to see an artist like Adam at a small venue. But to have him perform almost every day for several months is just crazy. I am sure he knows how to take care of himself but still I am very worried about him.

  5. Anonymous 18:14, thanks! Hope a fan managed to get those tickets in the end.

    Patricia-Lynn, thank you! It's very time-consuming work so I'm glad you appreciate it! I have such a fabulous subject which is a huge plus.

    hagoromoaya, I think when the venues were booked, they didn't expect Adam to be so popular. I guess it's better to have sold-out small-ish venues than lots of empty seats in big arenas. It's probably a nice feeling for fans to be able to get close to him on his first tour. Also, bigger venues usually mean bigger stages and I'm not sure that Adam has the budget for the huge productions necessary for them.
    It is a very intense schedule and I was also concerned but I have faith that Adam knows his limitations and how to take care of himself. He has said he can even sing through colds and we saw what an incredible job he did of that last year. He has plenty of stamina from his theatre days performing night after night even though he didn't sing for as long. I notice that he's been varying up the melodies so he can ration the highest notes. As he and the band are such talented musicians, I have no doubt that should it be required, some of the songs could be re-arranged into acoustic versions to make them less demanding on his voice. Adam at 50% is still better than most singers at 100%.

    Anonymous 04:53, I totally understand your concern but Adam has a robust voice and I trust he'll pace himself accordingly.