Tuesday, 15 June 2010

If I Had You - Music Video

Yesterday was quite a frustrating day to be an Adam fan in the UK because we couldn't see any of the videos on VH1. YouTube was being militant when it came to blocking, so as everyone was going crazy I tried to avoid getting spoiled. I don't see what's so difficult about having a co-ordinated launch where the video is put on VH1, Adam Official, its YouTube channel, Vevo and up for sale on iTunes where they can all generate revenue. If everyone had access through the official channels then there'd be less inclination to rip and upload to where there's no benefit. Anyway, rant over. Here it is:

The video starts off with a shot of a party in the making on Twitter, with Adam's invitation and replies from Cheeks, Scarlett and who I think might be Cassidy. The intro is extended just a little, making it sound stuttery on the first listen. Adam walks in with a new-age traveller dreaded mohawk mullet. I despise mullets with a passion. I have always despised mullets. I associate mullets with trailer trash, with ugly-looking people committing heinous crimes against fashion. I despise 80s mullets as well as the Hoxton mullets that cropped up the noughties. It's a hairstyle that I wish had never been brought into existence. The only thing worse than a mullet is the bleached permed comb-over variation. However, I hate that I have to concede, Adam manages to rock it... just, but only because his face is so smiley pretty and we know it's not a real one.

As dusk descends, we see Adam walking through the mist of the forest, which reminds me of his walk out of the smoke and wreckage in the TfM video. His hurried march into the woods is a decisive and determined stomp in time to the music but perhaps a little too aggressive for the joy on his face. I'm surprised I'm not disliking the Glammerpants too much, which contribute towards a Mad Max feel.

The forest and sky cycles through aurora technicolours, building up the excitement as the nocturnal woodland creatures come out to play, jumping about in a hedonistic tribal rave all decked out in fascinating costumes and facepaint. They're joined by magical will o' the wisps and mysterious spectral sprites whizzing through. There's a lot of quick cutting interspersed with wiggling ass shots, making it difficult to spot where his friends make cameo appearances. By far the most prominent is Allison though, where she comes face-to-face with Adam. I initially thought that even E.T. showed up at the party but later realised it's actually a Chinese lion. We have a poi person, a drag Marie Antoinette, a butterfly woman and a stilt-walker but no fire-jugglers.

The first costume change into those vicious-looking spikes happens when the chorus kicks in, accompanied by some startling shots of Adam's beautifully luminous eyes at the 'D-d-d-d-do'. I think my favourite is the Steampunky Mad Hatter one because it's such a fabulously bonkers eccentric ensemble made up of seemingly random pieces thrown together. It leaves no doubt as to who the leader of the pack is. The one with the white jeans that we all went crazy over as Adam rocks with the band seems surprisingly normal, apart from a certain stand-out part.

The close-up shot after the bridge I find a little uncomfortable, like an excessively freaky hallucination. The mouthing doesn't quite match the sound, the colours are all garish and I'm expecting Adam's eyes to open but they don't and are closed for way too long, like they've been glued together. But then he eventually opens them and makes me gasp for a moment as they bore into me. He widens them and I widen mine in an automatic response and then it becomes way too frighteningly much and I have to look away. I think I should add that I really enjoy mindbending trips. I think the close-ups need to be more subtle. I do love that dangerously seductive look over his shoulder right at the end, but the transition into it feels a bit unnatural.

Despite my minor nitpicking, I feel this is Adam's best video yet and is closer to embodying who he is and what he stands for more than any other. He must've had a blast making it and I think it shows. It's an unashamedly shallow feel-good fun video full of captivating imagery to watch repeatedly, and perfect for the summer. I know that there are many others who have wanted to know what it's like to go to Burning Man with Adam and his group of friends. I feel that this is his way of answering our question. He has invited us all to join him, bringing fun and creative energy. We've generously been given a glimpse into what it would be like if Adam had a party, and I think it's one that everyone enjoys.


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