Monday, 21 June 2010

Wham Bam, Thank You Glam!

I've been spending a heck of a lot of time on YouTube waiting to pounce on the latest videos. It's taken a while for these to come through, but here they are. As a warning, you might want to turn the sound down a little as the audio on a few of them are pretty bad. As a result, I won't really be able to comment much on the music.

There's a moment during Fever that will get the Adommy/Lambliff shippers going crazy as Adam grabs Tommy's hair and pulls him oh so teasingly close to his face. The look exchanged between them is one that tells us how close they are, and they both seem to enjoy fucking with us. He seems to hold back just a touch vocally, not reaching for the highest notes. There's much more body rippling going on at this concert during RoF and Fever though we can't see the hips on the RoF vid. Sleepwalker is vocally so impressive especially at the finish. The way he suggestively jabs his cane during Strut is enough to get his mic stand in a jealous fit. The encore is MW so unfortunately Toronto doesn't get rewarded with WLL.


  1. Dearest AB,

    First of all million thanks for all your brilliant posts. I am, as many others, extremely grateful to you for documenting Adam's journey so thoroughly.

    I was at his concert in Toronto. Did not comment earlier as I was away. As many of your readers said before, nothing compares to his live perfomance. His voice, his grace, his moves, you try to take all in, you are in a blissful whirlwind and it ends in a minute. I knew the set pretty well as I'd seen all your posts and still I was blown away and under the spell for several days.

    The energy in the audience was incredible. A soon as his image was projected on the screen with the first bars of FYE everybody stood up and remained standing all through the set. People were screaming, dancing, singing along. Honestly, when I watched the previous posts, I was a little annoyed with people singing along with him. Why would you want to do that when he is here doing his magic? But I found myself singing with everybody else around me. It is just an uncontollable impulse as if you need to show him that you connect, that you love him.

    I don't remember feeling this happy ever at a concert and I've been to some phenomenal concerts in my life.

    I want to see him again badly and cant wait to hear his next album whenever it comes out.

  2. Anonymous, you've very welcome! Congrats on getting to see a show.
    I know how you feel. Sometimes, I wish life would come with a slo-mo, pause and rewind button but we have to rely on videos to remind us of what we experienced.
    From a selfish concert-goer's perspective, I'd like everyone to stand still and be quiet just so I can get an unhindered experience, but I know if everyone did that then it would be a really poor concert because Adam wouldn't been feeling any energy from the audience and subsequently wouldn't give back as much. I guess we've also got to make sure we feel as well as watch and listen because that's something videos can't capture.
    Are you planning on going to any other concerts?

  3. Unfortunately, I will not be traveling to the States this year. But I do plan to be in Europe this fall. My dream is to see him there

  4. Anonymous, I'm with you hoping for lots of dates in Europe. Must see him again if he comes to the UK! When I saw him in London, his set was too short. I think by the autumn, Adam will have perfected his Glam Nation set so I'm very excited by the prospect of his best performances yet.