Monday, 14 June 2010

JLC Good Times

Adam Lambert is back on UK channel Five on Justin Lee Collins: Good Times. I've seen a few of these and it's quite an entertaining show with a more imaginative format than most. The host is from the West Country with a country bumpkin farmer accent. He looks like a hirsute teddy bear and used to team up with Alan Carr as his comedy partner. He tends to be physically affectionate with a habit of kissing guys on the lips so I doubt he'll be able to resist planting a smacker onto Adam.

The show starts at 23:00 UK, 15:00 LA, 18:00 NY, 07:00 Tokyo time. While we're waiting, please go and vote for the IIHY video and sign the petition for PPV online streaming.
If you haven't got your legit copy of CLYG yet, you can get it on For Your Entertainment (EU Edition) (Incl. Bonus Tracks) from Amazon US.

Well that was major technology fail on my part, but here's full uncut version from that wasn't aired:


  1. Lambo, this is just too funny!! I had a very bad day at work but this
    vid sure made me uplifted. Thanks.

  2. hagoromoaya, you're welcome! Love the way he says 'I'm not a whore' in mock outrage and his super-quick wit with the dress comment. It was so great to see him on my TV again.