Tuesday, 22 June 2010

RSI Much? Video Awards


I didn't stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning to watch this as I was too tired. The last two days I've actually had to send myself to bed earlier than usual because I physically couldn't continue using my mouse. My shoulder and arm ache and my hand is starting to claw from spending so much time on my laptop. I woke up to the best surprise knowing that it wasn't all in vain. Adam fucking won an MMVA! Here's all the footage:

He arrives in a classy pimpmobile looking nifty in a dashing suit spiced up with matching leopardskin tie and boots. I so want to stop his tie from peeking out under the button on his suit though. His hair looks new romantic, with soft feathered extensions. He's so poised on the red carpet, speaking with eloquence. I mean, who the fuck else would be talking about how touring is educational?

Blame the scriptwriters but I think the host is rather deluded if she thinks she can give Adam makeup tips and I have to snigger at that one. Girl, Adam was experimenting with makeup way before you were even just a horny twang in your Daddy's thang.

It seems like forever since Adam did a live TV performance in front of a big audience. I think the last time was his return to AI back in April so this is all exciting again. No lasers, but he's silhouetted against a blueish halo of smoke through a backlight. It seems strange to me that he's performing in his red carpet suit and didn't go for a costume change. I'm so used to seeing him sing WWFM in dressed-down gear that the clothes don't seem comfortable enough and he looks too elegantly overdressed. The hair makes him look fierce and the suit lends just a little too much confidence and power to him, taking away that vulnerability.

I give the camerawork and editing a fail as there are too many wide-angle shots and we don't get to see much Adam. We get an idea of the size of the audience though, which is awesome. The sound is fantastic, his voice is strong, the timbre is pleasantly rich and those vocals are absolutely beautifully flawless. I'm surprised to be feeling awestruck once again by how well he manages to sing that, especially straight after three nights of full shows on the trot. Just wow. And I'm so happy he gets some well-deserved pyro at the end.

On collecting the MuchMusic Video Award he seems so excited, enthusiastically swooping down like a plane holding his hands out to the fans before hitting the stage. It's a slightly awkward moment for me when he says he usually doesn't win things. I think the joke falls a little flat as no one really remembers he didn't win. His acceptance speech gets rudely truncated but I'm so grateful he thought to thank his fans first and foremost. No, thank YOU Adam! We fortunately get to find out what else he meant to say in his acceptance speech during an interview after the show. One thing that is bugging me slightly right now though, is how we managed to miss the other award that Adam was nominated for. Was it one that we couldn't vote for? I hope this is one of a long line of awards we can help Adam to win. Right now my arm aches, but it's happily celebrating.


  1. HI AB, wanted to thank you so much for your work and dedication - I'd never get to see so much good quality Adam if it weren't for you, but I'm sure that won't take the pain away. You've set a really high standard editing every concert of his tour and your audience loves you for it. I do feel for you though so may I make a suggestion so that you can try and save your hand, arm and shoulder - why not put up the best footage of say, 3 concerts at a time - that is - only feature each song once, but choose the best one from each of the three concerts. We still get to see what he looks like - outfit, hair and all that - but perhaps it won't be so much work for you. And we'll all click on the ads to help pay for a visit to the doctor. :)

  2. jo_blue, you are so thoughtful! Luckily as I'm in the UK we have the NHS so going to the doctor is free. It's a great suggestion you've given. It's the compulsive part of me that wants to be able to find certain videos in the future so I guess I'm actually filing them as I'm going along. I think the problem with choosing the best of three is that I'd still have to watch all the videos to make sure it's the best!

  3. I had a chance to see this MMA yesterday again.
    What I am most impressed when I saw this on TV was, aside his flawless vocal, beautiful face,handsome figure and all, "his ending bow". So classy and match to his attire that evening.... It somehow sums up his feeling to his fans.
    In one word "gratitude". So humble and beautiful. Very rare to see
    in recent years from pop singers and other artists. Am I too old fashioned but I notice such thing and that is one of the whys that I am in love with this person.

  4. hagoromoaya, haha, I love that bow too! It's such a humble little bow.

  5. AB, Oh yeah, I didn't think about that part, where you'd still have to see every video anyway! Duh! I hope you're feeling better and I'm so glad the doctor is free for you over there. You're doing a spectacular job! Love, love, love the improved WLL from Milwaukee! Thankyou sooooooooooooo much. :) Cheers!

  6. jo_blue, glad you like it! I just had to do something with that video as it's such a scorcher.