Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Glam Nation: Toledo

Here's my playlist for Toledo which I'll be updating throughout the day as more videos turn up. The visual quality isn't great - thought I'd warn you just in case you wanted to save yourselves for the best possible first experience of the acoustic WLL. I don't reckon you'll be able to resist the temptation though...

We can't see much in the WLL video but when we hear Adam sing that first low seductive bar, we know it's going to be something special. After having been obsessed with the magic of the FS WLL and watching it so many times, it's hard to be objective about this latest version. It does recreate a similar feel, even though it's a little faster paced and persistent, gradually building rather than lapping and retreating in excruciating waves. Those vocals punctuated with aroused gasps and moans are sizzling hot as he prowls around the stage. There's a slightly more aggressive domineering vibe with this one, perhaps due to his different appearance and because he stays on his feet and therefore in charge, instead of getting down on his knees and reversing the power dynamic. The 'baby' ending brings back tour memories from last year but it's too abrupt for my liking, as if he's just finished fucking you and immediately gets up to go while you're left behind stunned and gathering the pieces of yourself together and your instinct tells you to grab hold of him because you want much much more but you know you can't.

At the moment, I prefer the FS version because there's more variation in intensity and I think the band came together perfectly. I miss the jazzy keyboard work from Zac who did an brilliant job when it got to the crescendo part. Still, I'm basing this on the bad quality/partial video we have so far and I may well change my mind later. Regardless, this is one hell of a steamy performance that has me seduced.

UPDATE 11/06/10 - Now that we have more video, I'll add some very brief comments of other notable parts of the concert. I had to wait until I saw a couple of different videos to be sure that Adam messes up coming in too late on RoF. We can hear a sudden change when he realises he's at the wrong part of the song to go with the backing track and has to skip out a few lines to catch up. Adam is such a free-spirited performer, feeling his way through and ensuring each performance is unique that backing tracks or even backing singers don't really work in his favour because they don't allow for that flexibility. This is the second time it's happened recently but he covers it up much better. If all the instrumentals were done by the band then this would easily be alleviated.

Adam's hair is down again for this concert. Sleepwalker demonstrates once again how gifted Adam and Monte are and it's a most welcome change to hear 'What do you' clearly enunciated for once as opposed to the lazier 'Whataya' of WWFM. In the less rhythmic songs that don't have much of a drum beat such as Soaked or Broken Open, I feel that Adam has a bit of difficulty keeping time. I like the change to a high 'pretty boys' in SFW, a performance that's becoming one of the ones I really look forward to because of the rock star energy. Broken Open is decorated with some beautiful trills and IIHY has an incredible note that's long enough to make you faint.


  1. Hafta say...this version of WLL was mindblowing..because I experienced it LIVE...and close to the maybe that makes all the difference...the feel of ADAM's presence live is something indescribable...a magnetic aura..very powerful...awesome performance last night in Toledo...@sktorok

  2. Wow Lambo, you are quick. Twitter was down & I thought you were going to take a break. I had to agreed with you on WLL. I still found the one in FS unbeatable. Every time I watched that, my heart rate was bumping up. LOL This was still great though, but he seemed to be more dominated. His vocal in FS was very kinda more gentle and sweet. Thanks for all the updating. I will certainly bump in later to check. Many thanks Lambo. Night.

  3. I agree about FS unbeatable, although it is ironic that he didn't have
    time to rehearse with band before that show at Indio.

  4. Hi, I love reading your postings (and whatching the vids) from the other side of the world (New Zealand). Thanks for all the work that you are doing with this. Any idea why he doesn't sing "For your Entertainment" on this tour?

  5. AB - you must be joking - restraint about watching an AFL WWL performance??? An oxymoron for me.

    He had a very Robert Plant vibe to me in this version, but I gotta say I still loved it. Fantasy Springs still tops my list - and I get endless pleasure from watching your enhanced edit. (Nikki)

  6. Saw a little 2 minute blurb of WLL from last night, poor quality, but for seconds was focused tightly in on Adam's face, and I can see what the first poster was saying. His sexual power was mindblowing, sweat dripping off of him, those eyes drilling into the audience...whoa. I was at FS, and am forever grateful to you for your edited version, which I do all but sleep with, and it's still my fav. But if we ever get a clear, close-up copy of this whole version, I think it'll be a hot, wet summer...

  7. Oops, just watched all the way through your vids, and of course you already have the one I mentioned above. Sorry for the repeat.

  8. sktorok, you're so lucky! How did it feel to end the concert with WLL? Was everyone left feeling hot and horny?! Could you see him very clearly? The videos seem to all be quite dark and smoky.

    K(*Glitter*), I should take a break, but this is too addictive! I wonder if we'll get any more surprise encores. Agree that FS WLL was much gentler and wraps you up rather than leaves you behind.

    hagoromoaya, I think the lack of rehearsals is what makes FS WLL legendary. Just one of those magical moments where everything came together to create something special. The musicians, Adam and the audience just seemed completely connected and there was a sensitivity about the way it unfolded. We can see during the performance that Adam can feel how well everything is going and that translates into the quality of performance.

    Natasja, I have a feeling he's not singing FYE because it's finished as a single so they want to push other songs. Maybe it's to distance himself over that whole controversy too. Also, I've often thought that it's one of the more difficult ones to nail live. It's a shame because I'd love to see a repeat of the AMA arrangement with its dramatic start.

    Nikki, I don't think anyone was able to resist! Glad you're still enjoying the edit, it really was a labour of love.

    mywinniedapoo, it really is a scorcher isn't it? Seeing the expressions makes a considerable difference. Still hoping for better quality video though. Happy the FS WLL is giving you plenty of pleasure!

  9. inaweofglameyes11 June 2010 at 17:18

    So honored to be included in your playlist! (I'm inaweofglameyes) Great work collecting all of these together and writing such a great recap. I didn't notice the ring of fire mess up at all and live SOAKED was totally etherial and mindblowing so I didn't notice the pacing stuff either. WLL was unbelievable - the woman behind me said "this is like sex" and then another woman said "no this is WAYYY better than sex" - the eye contact and engagement through the whole show but particularly in WLL was mindblowing!!

  10. Adam Bombed...yes..I'm SOOO very far..Toledo is the only concert he did and smoky and unbelievable and I wanted to rush the stage and just ATTACK HIM!!! I'm going to concert #2..Columbus..tomorrow..waiting to see what encore he does next...Crazy would be awesome...js And I've got 3 more concerts after tomorrow to go!!! This is better than SEX...cuz he IS SEX!!! HAHAHAHAH!! @sktorok

  11. I went back again to SF video to see WLL.
    Wow, all I can say was "I was F** lucky to be there."
    After AI finale, I promised myself, no matter where it would be, I would go to see Adam's first solo concert. And I did! Flying from Hawaii and driving 3 hours in Ca. desert.
    I will never forget when I heard that WLL. That sensation, almost shocking to hear and see him doing that number in such seductive way.... Like you commented, Lambo, it was slow burning lust, trying to reach climax, yet wanting more, more slow stroke and teasing...Haaaa

  12. inaweofglameyes, the thanks all go to you for taking such great video! I have no idea how you manage to concentrate on doing that while watching Adam! So glad you go to go, your overheard conversation really made me laugh.

    sktorok, you are very lucky to have seen that WLL. I think it's a better encore than MW. I hope we'll get some surprise encores in future, there are just so many songs I'd love to hear him sing. How was Columbus?

    hagoromoaya, glad you enjoyed that all over again! I would happily drive for a whole day if an acoustic WLL were guaranteed at the end of it! Your comment just made me watch it again and I know I'll never tire of it.

  13. Hi AB!!!

    It's been a while but I am still here!! Things have been so busy for me, but I am still in touch with Adammania....

    Did you see the video of him messing around during a sound check singing Ray of Light? It is so nice to hear something new from him!! And that voice...oy.

    I am going to see him in NYC and in Providence. Can't wait. The Providence venue holds only 1200 so I hope I can get to see some Adam close up!!

    Hope all is well with you. I have missed our exchanges....but I am BACK!!!

    Thanks for all your videos....


  14. Lynn, welcome back! Hope everything's OK, I had wondered where you'd been. Yes, I saw that video, in fact I think I've seen every single video lately even though I have far from enough time - how's that for obsessed?!
    Very excited that you managed to get tickets, I think you'll have the best time, you deserve it. Hope you'll report back to tell us all about it but in the meantime it's great that you've returned to flail with us!

  15. Thanks for doing this anniversary re-run. This is still my favorite WLL. I like the middle eastern rhythm and the eerie blue light - not to mention the sexiness of Adam's delivery. I think he's already starting to improvise with the new music - can't wait to see what happens next.