Monday, 14 June 2010

Glam Nation: Mystic Lake

Again, Adam's hair is a bit wild, neither the sleek pompadour nor the emo down do and I like the way he flicks it about. Longineu's hair is in hilarious pigtails, great to see him have fun with his look too. I love this version of RoF where Adam's voice seems particularly strong. WWFM seems to be a little faster-paced than usual with a bit of earpiece trouble. Aftermath is beautiful and reminds me so much of his Upright performances. He seems to be limiting the high notes a little in SFW, preferring to riff instead of strain for the highest wails. Watch out for the waggly leg in Strut and when Adam accidentally prods Brooke in the neck before cracking up as he introduces her in IIHY. His dance with Brooke is another highlight - how freaking fast does his ass move? 'Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no' Beyoncé would be proud. The encore is MW with a few messed up lyrics but expressed with more movement than usual.


  1. I was at Mystic Lake and he was AWESOME!!! I loved all the little dance moves he did - so damn hot!!! That voice is just pure perfection. It was a blur and over way too fast, but looking back, he did sing quite a few songs :) It was so cute when he said "oh shit" after he poked Brooke in the neck! I am going to Milwaukee to see him again but have much better seats - I can't wait! I am so happy to get to see such a phenomenal performer/singer/dancer in my life time!

  2. Anonymous, thanks for dropping in with your comments! The videos from that concert are wonderful. I've watched that scene with Brooke many times and his laugh is so funny. It also made me realise how close they all are and how well they've gelled as we can see Tommy giving Brooke a sympathetic hug after she goes to sit down. Hope you report back after Milwaukee!