Monday, 7 June 2010

KFest 2010

I sort of knew that this was an afternoon gig but the images of Adam in white in he sunshine took me by surprise. I've gotten so used to seeing Adam perform in dark venues that I associate the performances with being lured out to play after nightfall rather than in the sun. Here's my video selection so far as a playlist:

I'm not keen on this casual summer look of Adam's. Despite the white, it feels a little too heavy for the daytime and the pieces don't quite fit together very well. Maybe it's the gloves that tip the scales just over. I don't like those sunglasses which give him quite a nerdy look. The sound on these videos isn't good so I can't comment much on the music. Sleepwalker is a highlight for me though, with the super powerhouse vocals and a different guitar solo from Monte. The energy and dancing throughout the set is great.


  1. It was ridiculously hot out there. I think Adam was trying to wear something as light as possible without resorting to shorts! There were terrible mic and feedback problems, but you're right, SW was the highlight. He killed it. The rest sounded great too, even with the audio issues. It was the worst during Fever.

  2. I completely disagree. I loved the casual look!
    I adore Adam but sometimes I think he overdoes it with the "glam".

  3. adamaddict-rh, thanks for your added insights! It looks like it was a beautiful afternoon for sipping cocktails. I heard the weather was doing strange things so it probably wasn't a straightforward wardrobe decision. Shame about the audio though, I guess there will always be problems when then there are so many preceding acts. Did you manage to get close to the stage?

    Anonymous, I'm sure I'll somehow end up liking the look. But I felt there was too much of a clash between glam and casual and think he should've leaned more towards casual.

  4. No problem. Yes, it was definitely a day for cocktails, but all they served was cold beer, so it had to do! It hit at least 90 during the day and Adam was dripping with sweat about a minute into Music Again. It was supposed to "hurricane", so I guess we did get off easy, but it was damn hot. Adam probably said to his stylist to give him the loosest pants he had an a decent light white shirt. I was actually surprised he wore gloves, but they looked like ones I had never seen before, so I figured that maybe a fan gave them to him and this was his only opportunity to wear them, since he has set costumes for tour.

    The act before Adam was on the secondary stage, but the boys (Cam wasn't there) couldn't soundcheck before hand. LP did come out about an hour before to check that his drums were set up properly, but everything else was checked out by Adam's techs. He had audio problems from second one. You can see during WWFM that he motioned a few times for the mic to be turned up (and it needed to be, as it was too low), but when they did, the feedback was terrible. Adam actually said "whoa, that wasn't good". During Fever in particular, we could hear Adam clearly, but Tommy's bass kicked up so much feedback that I knew there was no way there would be clean audio recorded. SW had minimal problems and he killed it, but honestly, even with all the mic/feedback issues he sounded great.

    Yes we were close. My friend and I got a bunch of great shots. My seats aren't great for the two shows I'm going to on tour, so I was glad to see him close up at K FEST.

  5. adamaddict-rh, I'm glad there was no hurricane, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten any video! Thanks for your additional commentary, I hope to hear all about your tour experiences where the sound will be much better.